Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bid on PBW

If you're looking for some unique holiday gifts, our auction to benefit our blogpal author Jo Leigh, who lost her husband earlier this year and is still struggling to pay the medical bills, is now up and running here.

My contributions, which you will soon be able to bid on:

1. A complete, signed set of all seven Darkyn novels: If Angels Burn, Private Demon, Dark Need, Night Lost, Evermore, Twilight Fall, and Stay the Night.

2. A signed set of the eight StarDoc novels published to date: StarDoc, Beyond Varallan, Endurance, Shockball, Eternity Row, Rebel Ice, Plague of Memory, and Omega Games (I'll get Alison to correct the titles that are included in the listing; someone missed a couple and threw in some others that aren't in the StarDoc series.)

3. This brand-new, never-used quilt from my personal collection:

There are also some other terrific items up for bid, including author, agent and editor critiques, mentoring opportunities, internet services, web site hosting, signed bundles of ARCs and books, gift certificates, and many more goodies, so when you have a chance definitely go over and check out the listings.

Added: The full list of the current/open auctions on eBay is here (many more auctions to be added as they go live.)


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    This is just lovely! I'm trying to find your package to bid and can't find it. I assume it will be added later? Or am I missing it?

  2. Hilcia wrote: I'm trying to find your package to bid and can't find it. I assume it will be added later?

    That's correct -- none of my items have a listing yet (the ladies running the auction are putting them up a little at a time) but as soon as they go live I'll put a link to each over on the sidebar.

  3. There are some really great things listed up for auction.


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