Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Seeing so many responses to the When More is Better giveaway renews my sometimes shaky faith in the publishing universe. I appreciate the many interesting recommendations you made, and hope you keep making them elsewhere around the internet -- these days your favorite writers need all the support they can get.

We shuffled everyone's entries in the magic hat, and here are the names of the giveaway winners:

Vivi Anna, who recommended Lilith Saintcrow, Rob Thurman, TA Pratt, Rachel Vincent, Jeri Smith-Ready, Michele Hauf, Jordan Summers, Lynn Somebody, Ann Aguirre, and Rachel Caine (and now who besides me wants to immediately tour and raid Vivi Anna's library?)

Sagerenee, who also recommended Lilith Saintcrow and Marjorie M. Liu (excellent taste on both counts.)

Ilona, who recommended Nalini Singh and Karen Chance (interesting combo there.)

Slayercat, who recommended Marjorie M. Liu and Vicki Pettersson (I feel a book store trip coming on.)

Winners, please e-mail your full name and ship-to address* to LynnViehl@aol.com, and I'll get your books and surprises out to you. My thanks to everyone for joining in.

*Just an FYI for any new visitors to the blog -- I always keep all name and ship-to information provided to me by giveaway and contest winners strictly confidential, and only use it to ship your winnings to you. When possible I ship via UPS or DHL. Also, this year I am asking winners to confirm receipt by e-mail so I can make sure everything gets where it's supposed to.


  1. You lucky, lucky winners! Congratulations.

  2. Congrats to the winners!

    Hat, you and I have to talk.

  3. Wow! I won. That's so frakking cool. Lynn, thank you!


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