Monday, May 26, 2008

In Memory

On Memorial Day, we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. Today I'd like to remember the 177 service men and women from my home state of Florida who lost their lives while serving in Iraq:

Agami, Daniel J. Private 1st Class 21-June-2007
Anderson, Michael C. Petty Officer 2nd Class 02-May-2004
Aviles, Andrew Julian Lance Corporal 07-Apr-2003
Baez, Roberto C. Private 1st Class 03-Oct-2005
Blair, Robert E. Specialist 25-May-2006
Blaney, Christopher T. Private 1st Class 29-Sep-2006
Bobb, Brandon K. Private 1st Class 17-Jul-2007
Boles, Dennis J. Sergeant 24-Oct-2004
Bowling, Theodore A. Corporal 11-Nov-2004
Brangman, David J. Private 1st Class 13-Feb-2005
Britt, Sandy R. Staff Sergeant 21-Aug-2007
Brown, Joshua D. Private 1st Class 03-Jun-2007
Buesing, Brian Rory Lance Corporal 23-Mar-2003
Burke, Timothy Specialist 04-Oct-2006
Burnett, Jason K. Lance Corporal 11-May-2006
Burress, Richard B. Specialist 19-Jan-2008
Calderon-Ascencio, Roland E. Private 1st Class 12-Apr-2006
Camacho, Anamarie Sannicolas Seaman 22-Oct-2007
Cann, Adam Leigh Sergeant 05-Jan-2006
Cashe, Alwyn C. "Al" Sergeant 1st Class 08-Nov-2005
Chaires, Daniel B. Private 1st Class 25-Oct-2006
Clark, Michael J. Staff Sergeant 20-Jul-2004
Clay, Daniel J. Staff Sergeant 01-Dec-2005
Clifton, Karen N. Specialist 21-Jun-2007
Cobb, Christopher R. Private 1st Class 06-Apr-2004
Conde Jr., Kenneth Sergeant 01-Jul-2004
Creighton-Weldon, Michael Russell Private 1st Class 29-Mar-2003
Cummings, Branden C. Private 1st Class 14-Feb-2007
Davis, Daryl A. Specialist 29-Nov-2004
Davis, Wilbert Staff Sergeant 03-Apr-2003
Deem, Michael S. Specialist 24-Feb-2005
Delgado, Marc A. Private 1st Class 24-Nov-2005
Dickinson, Joshua W. Lance Corporal 12-Dec-2004
Dixon, Donnie D. Staff Sergeant 29-Sep-2007
Dossett, Trace W. Petty Officer 2nd Class 02-May-2004
Dougherty, Scott Eugene Lance Corporal 06-Jul-2004
Dwelley, Jason B. Petty Officer 2nd Class 30-Apr-2004
Ellenburg, Kevin J. Private 1st Class 01-Nov-2006
Estep, James E. Staff Sergeant 15-Nov-2005
Ewing, Jeremy Ricardo Private 1st Class 29-Apr-2004
Felsberg, Paul M. 2nd Lieutenant 13-Oct-2004
Ferrero, Marius L. Private 1st Class 18-Nov-2007
Flanagan, Dennis J. Sergeant 20-Jan-2006
Fribley, David Keith Lance Corporal 23-Mar-2003
Gallagher, Patrick J. Lance Corporal 02-Apr-2006
Gallardo, Denis J. Sergeant 22-Nov-2005
Garcia, Javier J. Sergeant 05-Apr-2005
Gibson, Derek A. Private 1st Class 04-Apr-2007
Gifford, Alan Nye 1st Sergeant 16-Sep-2005
Gil, Carlos J. Sergeant 18-Feb-2005
Gilmore, Joseph A. Specialist 19-May-2007
Ginther, Ronald A. Petty Officer 3rd Class 02-May-2004
Gonzales Cordova, Ramon E. Staff Sergeant 08-Aug-2005
Gonzalez, Armando Ariel Corporal 14-Apr-2003
Grater, Cody C. Private 1st Class 29-Jul-2007
Hanson Jr., Charles A. Lance Corporal 28-Nov-2004
Hartman Jr., John L. Staff Sergeant 30-Nov-2006
Hartman, Jonathan N. Sergeant 17-Apr-2004
Hawkins, Gene A. Sergeant 12-Oct-2006
Henry, Chassan S. Private 1st Class 25-Feb-2005
Heringes, David A. Sergeant 1st Class 24-Aug-2007
Holmes Ordóñez, Terry Corporal 10-Jul-2004
Huerta-Cruz, Arturo Specialist 14-Apr-2008
Hughes, Jeremiah C. Specialist 09-Apr-2008
Jackson, Kyle E. Chief Warrant Officer 2 13-Jan-2006
Jacobson, Elizabeth Nicole Airman 1st Class 28-Sep-2005
Jairala, Alfred H. Private 1st Class 31-Jul-2007
Jankowski, Charles A. Not reported yet 28-Mar-2008
Jenkins, Robert B. Petty Officer 2nd Class 02-May-2004
Jimenez II, Romulo J. Corporal 10-Nov-2004
Johnson, Leon M. Sergeant 10-Oct-2005
Jonaus, Jude R. Staff Sergeant 06-Sep-2005
Jones Jr., Raymond Edison Staff Sergeant 09-Apr-2004
Jones, Charles S. Chief Warrant Officer 28-Jan-2005
Jordan, Alexander Corporal 10-Sep-2006
Kenny, Christopher J. 1st Lieutenant 03-May-2004
Koutroubas, Jason B. Specialist 14-Oct-2007
Lake, Chad W. Sergeant 13-Feb-2005
Landry III, Joseph N. Specialist 18-Sep-2007
Laramore, Tracy L. Specialist 17-Mar-2004
Lopez III, Manuel Corporal 12-Apr-2005
Lord, Richard M. Sergeant 18-Aug-2004
Luckey, Bryan C. Sergeant 29-Jun-2006
Mahdee, Marcus Lance Corporal 09-May-2005
Manuel, Ian D. Chief Warrant Officer 08-Jan-2004
Mardis Jr., Paul C. Staff Sergeant 15-Jul-2004
Martinez, Oscar A. Private 1st Class 12-Oct-2004
Martinez, Rene Lance Corporal 24-Sep-2006
Mastrapa, Arthur S. (Stacey) Sergeant 16-Jun-2004
Mathes, Marcus C. Sergeant 28-Apr-2008
Mayorga, Pablo V. Corporal 15-Apr-2006
McCall, Daniel L. Sergeant 30-Oct-2007
McCormick, Clinton T. Private 27-Dec-2006
Mchugh, Scott R. Petty Officer 2nd Class 02-May-2004
McNeill, Phillip D. Sergeant 20-Jan-2007
McRill, Robert Richard Petty Officer 1st Class 06-Jul-2007
Mele, John Sergeant 14-Sep-2007
Messer, Christopher P. Sergeant 27-Dec-2006
Miller, Marco L. Sergeant 05-Dec-2006
Miller, Patrick J. Private 1st Class 29-Mar-2008
Mills, Lea R. Sergeant 28-Apr-2006
Missildine, Jody W. Private 08-Apr-2006
Mitchell, Keman L. Sergeant 26-May-2003
Negron, Julio E. Sergeant 28-Feb-2005
Neiberger, Christopher T. Specialist 06-Aug-2007
Niedermeier, Louis E. Private 1st Class 01-Jun-2005
North, Christopher M. Private 1st Class 21-Apr-2007
Orr, Cody J. Private 1st Class 17-Jan-2004
Osbourne, Pamela G. Sergeant 11-Oct-2004
Osmolski, John C. Sergeant 05-Feb-2008
Phillips, James R. Lance Corporal 23-Dec-2004
Polo, Joe Sergeant 29-Mar-2007
Poole Jr., Christopher L. Corporal 06-Sep-2007
Quinn, Michael B. Staff Sergeant 27-May-2003
Randle Jr., Edmond Lee Sergeant 17-Jan-2004
Rapicault, Patrick Marc M. Captain 15-Nov-2004
Rechenmacher, William J. Corporal 18-Jan-2007
Rivero, John Travis Corporal 17-Apr-2003
Riviere, Christopher T. Private 1st Class 26-Sep-2006
Roberts, Robert D. Corporal 22-Nov-2003
Rogers, Alan G. Major 27-Jan-2008
Rogers, Nicholas K. Specialist 22-Oct-2006
Rojas, Kenny D. Private 1st Class 29-Oct-2005
Roman-Cruz, Alexis Specialist 16-Nov-2005
Rosa Jr., Alexander Specialist 25-May-2007
Rosenberg, Mark E. Major 08-Apr-2008
Rossi, Jonathan M. Private 1st Class 01-Jul-2007
Rowe, Michael D. Sergeant 28-Mar-2006
Rubado, Charles R. 2nd Lieutenant 29-Aug-2005
Saintvil, Gael Lance Corporal 26-Jan-2005
Sanchez, Junior Cedeno Private 1st Class 28-May-2007
Sapp, Brandon R. Private 1st Class 15-Aug-2004
Schmidt, Justin B. Specialist 29-Apr-2004
Schrage, Dustin H. Corporal 06-May-2004
Seamans, Timothy J. Private 1st Class 18-Aug-2005
Segura, Juan E. Lance Corporal 09-Nov-2004
Shanaberger III, Wentz Jerome Henry Staff Sergeant 24-Mar-2004
Shelton, Jimmy Lee Corporal 03-Dec-2005
Silva, Marco A. Staff Sergeant 13-Mar-2006
Sims, Charles M. Private 1st Class 03-Oct-2003
Smith, Antoine D. Lance Corporal 15-Nov-2004
Smith, Kevin J. 1st Lieutenant 08-Dec-2005
Smith, Paul Ray Sergeant 1st Class 04-Apr-2003
Snyder, Adam P. Captain 05-Dec-2007
Sorensen, Ryan J. Lance Corporal 06-Nov-2005
Souffront, Luis A. Petty Officer 1st Class 07-Feb-2008
Spears, Jonathan R. Lance Corporal 23-Oct-2005
Suarez-Gonzalez, Roger A. Private 1st Class 04-Dec-2006
Surber, Robert A. Sergeant 03-Jun-2007
Tharp, Sean D. Private 1st Class 28-Mar-2006
Thorsen, Brandon T. Private 1st Class 15-Sep-2007
Tipton, John E. Captain 02-May-2004
Tutten, Bryan J. Sergeant 25-Dec-2007
Valentine III, Donald E. Specialist 18-Sep-2007
Vilorio, Franklin R. Sergeant 06-Sep-2005
Wade, Patrick L. Chief Petty Officer 17-Jul-2007
Walden, Brett Eugene Sergeant 1st Class 05-Aug-2005
Walker, Antwan L. "Twan" Sergeant 18-May-2005
Waruinge, Kevin G. Lance Corporal 03-Aug-2005
Washington, Javares J. Staff Sergeant 14-Feb-2008
Watkins, Joshua C. Corporal 21-Oct-2006
Weaver, Aaron A. Chief Warrant Officer 08-Jan-2004
Weiner, Timothy R. Technical Sergeant 07-Jan-2007
Wershow, Jeffrey M. Specialist 06-Jul-2003
Williams IV, Arthur C. Sergeant 08-Dec-2004
Williams, Christian B. Sergeant 29-Jul-2006
Wilson, Robert J. Staff Sergeant 26-Jan-2008
Wilt, Nicholas Lance Corporal 03-Sep-2004
Winston, Peter E. Lieutenant Colonel 13-Nov-2006
Wise, Robert A. Specialist 12-Nov-2003
Wolfer, Stuart A. Major 06-Apr-2008
Wood, William W. Colonel 27-Oct-2005
Woodall, Julian M. Corporal 22-May-2007
Woodall, Peter Sergeant 27-Apr-2007
Woodliff, Michael R. Sergeant 02-Mar-2004
Woods, Julian Petty Officer 3rd Class 10-Nov-2004
Zook, Ian T. Corporal 12-Oct-2004

To the families, friends and loved ones of these fallen soldiers, and the many others whom we've lost to this war, I send my love and prayers.


  1. Anonymous12:03 AM

    very nicely done - thank you

  2. Well said. Bravo Zulu Ms. Viehl.

  3. Being a Vet from the Vietnam Era (serving from 1971-1978), I was very touched by your post.

    I'm sure I speak for all Veterans....Thank you very much for reminding all of us, of the ultimate sacrifice that these brave service men and women make for the rest of us.

  4. Anonymous8:34 PM

    *hugs* From a current service member who has three names on your list of those I've served with, I want to thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your post.

  5. Thank you Lynn. My son is presently doing his first overseas tour. I think it's very important that we never forget why we have the freedoms we have and for those whom, eventhough we may never have the opportunity to meet, but have fought for our freedoms and that we should cherish them always. God bless our service men and women, our president, and our country...

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments.

    My nephew is about to head back to Iraq for his second tour, Fritzz, and we're very close, so I can imagine a little of what you must be feeling. Anonymous, I'm so sorry for the loss of your three friends.

    I attended a veteran's prayer service this morning and the chaplain read some letters written home by soldiers serving during different wars. All these men and women, caught up in such terrible conflicts, knowing they might never come home, and still their letters were so full of love and hope.

    I think that's what I'm going to try to keep in my heart. The love and hope our soldiers carry with them every day they're far from home.

  7. Thank you for the reminder. So many of us forget that this is not a day for parties and beer, but a day of remembrance.

  8. There are too many names on that list and written on those walls. Way too many.


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