Thursday, May 29, 2008

Free Hal

Today I got a very nice heads-up from Claire Miller at Fremantle Press in Australia -- to celebrate the release of our blogpal Simon Hayne's latest SF novel Hal Spacejock ~ No Free Lunch, the author and his publisher are making the first book in the series, Hal Spacejock available online for free download.

Simon already gives away a great deal of the software that he designs, much of it geared toward writers, so it's no surprise that he would be equally generous with his fiction. I think it's terrific that Fremantle Press is backing him on this, too. Having publisher support helps a lot.

Congratulations, Simon -- I hope this brings you a world of new readers.


  1. Thank you kindly for the links, and for writing such nice things about me ;-)

    I wrote the Hal character as a typical husband - odd jobs to do all over the place, yet he always seems to find some vital task to do instead. Important things like trading in the big screen TV on an even bigger screen TV.

    Rumours I based Hal on myself are unfounded.

  2. That's amazingly generous! I will definitely read it.

  3. Very cool! Thanks for the head's up. And may "No Free Lunch" rocket off shelves!

  4. I have wanted to read Hal Spacejock stories for some time! But I wasn't sure how to get them here. This is absolutely thrilling. Off to download!

  5. I adore Simon's yWriter program. I basically worship him for it! It's awesome about the free download. Cannot wait to read it!

  6. excellent. we need more of this and i am sure simon and fremantle press will be rewarded by more harcopy sales --- what better way to get the word out but with a free download of the first book?


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