Friday, May 30, 2008

Offline Today

Turns out that the latest computer meltdown I've had can't be fixed, so I took advantage of a nice sale and invested in a brand new SuperMasterComputer. Actually the box doesn't say computer, it says Media Center. This scares me a little. As do most of the things it's supposed to do, evidently at the speed of light. If I can just hook up the thing without blowing out the transformers in the neighborhood, I'll be happy.

Go ahead, laugh. You youngsters were born with technology in your cribs; I had to be dragged kicking and screaming into using it in my twenties. Seriously, I am that old. Don't make me tell you again the story of how I wrote my first novel on a manual typewriter, or how the paper I typed it on was cut from rolls of thermal paper Mom brought home from work. After I walked forty miles home from school through the snow. Barefoot. With bears chasing me.

That last part would sound so much more believable if I were from Maine instead of Florida.

Anyway, I will be offline for most of the day, so be good, and if all goes well I'll send my next post from the Media Center.


  1. You could always say alligators chased you through miles of swamp land, instead of bears through miles of snow. :)

  2. w00t and contrats. It's always good to have one's media centered.

    When I was a kid I would write stories on IBM punch cards when I went to the office with daddy. That's how old I am. ;)

  3. Anonymous6:28 AM

    eep. Good luck!

  4. PBW vs. Media Center. Film at eleven...

  5. Anonymous8:57 AM

    After I walked forty miles home from school through the snow. Barefoot. With bears chasing me.

    Uphill. BOTH WAYS.

  6. Good luck with the media center. I just upgraded to a laptop this year.

  7. I got on the computer bandwagon late too. I bought my first desktop, after I graduated college and had my first real job.

    I imagine telling that to my nephew one day and him not believing it was possible.

    I also grew up with a tv that you had to walk up to if you wanted to change the channel. And we only had 4 channels.

  8. Well, you know who to ask for if you have any questions.

    Good luck with the new system!

  9. I'm grateful that my husband is a tech guy. He built my computer from scratch and it works great. It's also got a pretty cool case that glows in the dark. He was also sweet enough to stand in line outside an eletronic store in freezing tempatures Thanksgiving night to get my my nifty flatscreen monitor for dirt cheap.

    If it wasn't for him, I'd be stuck writing on some miserable old computer held together with duct tape.

    Thank God for techy husbands!

  10. That last part would sound so much more believable if I were from Maine instead of Florida.

    And if bears didn't hibernate. You should have made it wolves. Maybe even werewolves. :)

  11. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Lynn - what a cliffhanger! "My next post will come from the Media Center". I have not been this tense since the Apollo 13 went behind the moon!

    Or, wait. Was I born then?

    Anyway - I am old enough to have upgraded from a text-only computer with 320 Kbyte of RAM (but 2 floppy drives) to one with a GRAPHICS CARD (!!!), a whopping 640 Kbyte internal memory and 20 whole megabytes of storage on the hard drive. Back in those days that monster cost me 15.000 Swedish crowns, which was 20 weeks pay. My parents, upon hearing this, was soooo close to forcing me to sell it and put the money in the bank for a drivers' licence and a used car. It would have been enough for that, even if the car had a stereo.

    I still don't have a drivers' license.

    But I wrote my first published articles on that computer.

  12. Why were you walking if bears were chasing you? That's what makes it hard to believe. lol

    Have fun with media center.

  13. Anonymous11:46 PM

    I haven't seen any huge flashes of light or heard any gigantic explosions from the South.

    So can we assume super PC didn't explode?


  14. Anonymous6:26 AM

    ...but the bears were from Maine, so that was all right.

  15. Anonymous10:55 AM

    I agree with Selah. Uphill both ways. I always sit and wonder if there could be some way that would even be possible. I mean, if you walked a different way on the way back... but surely you'd still have some section that was downhill, otherwise it'd be like that Escher drawing, the one where the guys are trapped in a circular/square-ular staircase.



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