Saturday, May 10, 2008

Help for Myanmar

Our blogpal, author Shiloh Walker, is holding a charity auction for a pile of books and cool stuff up on eBay here to help raise money for the victims of Cyclone Nargis in Myanmar.

All proceeds from Shiloh's auction will go to SAVE THE CHILDREN, an organization already in place in Myanmar that has had some success getting food, water purification tablets, plastic sheeting for shelter and other desperately needed supplies to 72,000 victims, an estimated third of which are kids.

The auction includes:

-A signed copy of Private Places, historical romance anthology, not due out until 8/08 with stories by Robin Schone, Allyson James, Claudia Dain & Shiloh Walker

-The Perfect Ten, signed, donated by Janice Maynard

-The Legacy & bookmarks, signed, donated by Beth Williamson

-Hard as Nails, signed, *7/08 release* ARC donated by HelenKay Dimon

-Signed books donated by Rosemary Laurey-titles to be listed at a later date-

-Hunters: Heart and Soul, Hunting the Hunter, and Hunter's Salvation, all signed by Shiloh Walker

-Wild, Wild West-signed-donated by Charlene Teglia

Eternally His & Full Circle-both signed-donated by Ann Jacobs

Boys of Summer Series - Squeeze Play, Curveball & Strike Zone- signed-donated by Kate Angell

$50 Gift Card to Barnes & Noble donated by The Brown Literary Agency

You Belong to Me & On Fire-signed-donated by Patricia Sargeant

To further tempt you to bid, I'm donating a signed ARC copy of my next Lynn Viehl Darkyn novel, Twilight Fall, which won't be out on the shelves until July.

Shiloh is also still getting donations, so there will likely be more books and stuff added to the auction (check her blog for auction updates.)


  1. Thanks for letting me know. I'll see whether I can get hold of a pre-release copy of Hal 4 as a donation.

  2. Thanks, Lynn.

    And I promise to everybody, not to drool, stroke, covet or read the ARC Lynn's sending in.


    NOT an easy promise.


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