Saturday, April 12, 2008


Mama bird had triplets, not twins, although I was only able to get two of them to pose for me:

Babies in the nest

They're cheeping nonstop now, and whenever anyone comes near, they pop up with their mouths open:

Mom, we want some breakfast!

Larger, more detailed versions of the pics can be seen by clicking on either image.


  1. Did mama bird get mad when you took pictures of her babies? I bet the cheeping is sweet.

  2. Awe, cuute. I miss seeing/hearing little bird nests.

  3. Anonymous9:17 PM

    Oh, congrats Mama!!!

  4. Big T wrote: Did mama bird get mad when you took pictures of her babies?

    No, she wasn't there -- I waited until she made her daily scouting expedition for worms, bugs and other babyfood, and then I took the shots. I also stayed about six feet away from the nest and used the camera's telephoto setting so I wouldn't scare the babies.

  5. Sweet pictures. That's a great birdhouse. My nests are in the eves above my study window and the walkway on the side is too short to get an angle of them, but the cheeping drives my cats nuts as they sit in my window asd stare :).

    I'm playing catch-up, taking a break I don't yet deserve from my edit, and just wanted to tell you that once again you made it darn hard for me to focus on my work :). Twilight Fall is wonderful. I posted a review at Stray Thoughts:


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