Thursday, April 10, 2008

Signs of Spring

Squirrels have been using our most frequently occupied birdhouse as a storage space for their goodies, but as we did some spring clean-up in the yard, we discovered a new family in one of the others:

New houseguests

I haven't gotten a photo of her body markings yet, but I think she's some sort of wren. She's very small and fast, and she's already hatched two babies who are about as big as my pinkie.

Mama's close-up

She didn't seem to mind me taking a couple of shots, but I stayed back and used the telephoto setting so I wouldn't freak her out. I'll see if I can get a snap of the babies the next time she goes for take-out.

What's showing up in your yard this spring?


  1. We've already had two clutches of ducklings, the daffodils have come and gone, and the redbuds are blooming. And the pollen was so bad that even the rivers had a yellow sheen to them.

  2. Anonymous10:39 AM

    "What's showing up in your yard this spring?"

    The neighbor kids. At least the boy hasn't climbed up the tree outside my office window while I was sitting at the computer poorly clad. =)

    Up by the pond in my subdivision, it looks like about 2/3 the geese have flown off.

  3. We still have a lot of snow as well as what looks to be all the tulip bulbs the woman across the street planted, now half-chewed and spread across a snowbank by the squirrels.

  4. I'd love to have a working birdhouse up in my yard, but alas, no where to put one yet.

    I do have a collection of chickadees and nuthatches (they are feathered pirahnas when there is birdseed around), scrub and stellar jays, the occasional varied thrush (one of faves) and later the resident hummingbird will hopefully appear.

    I've also been wooing a squirrel. I love squirrels, and I've managed to get him to come all the way across the yard to the back porch for bread crumbs. Yesterday he was perched on a tall tree stump just outside the dining room windows, eating the heel of a length of french bread while we were eating lunch. I caught a couple pictures of him to post later.

    Oh, and we have rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain (spring in the northwest--woot).

  5. Lots and lots of stray cats. Some of them have essentially adopted us for years - but there are a few new ones this season.

    Oooh, and a rather large toad (or frog? I'm not sure) has taken up residence in the swimming pool.

  6. Blackbirds, a magpie, some weasels and cats - both species fighting at night, too much moss, and a big bunch of bright yellow daffodils.

  7. Anonymous2:45 PM

    You mean you actually have a bird in the birdhouse?


  8. Shiloh wrote: You mean you actually have a bird in the birdhouse?

    Well, I've had everything else, why not birds? :)

  9. That bird is so pretty. I have a resident squirrel that uses my balcony as his own personal cabana and hideaway. And he is FAT, so you can hear him when he jumps on the balcony.

  10. That bird is so pretty. I have a resident squirrel that uses my balcony as his own personal cabana and hideaway. And he is FAT, so you can hear him when he jumps on the balcony.

  11. Well, I've had everything else, why not birds? :)

    I still like the frog best, though. :)

  12. Well, there was like a foot of snow in Calgary this morning ... yep, definitely "spring" in Canada!

    I'm lucky to live out on the "wet" coast and noticed yesterday that all those pink blossums are out on whatever kinda tree that is ... must be why my eyes have been burning & itching for days.

    Yep, spring is in the air!

    — Bonz

  13. Four feet of heavy wet snow.

    I spent almost two hours shoveling the front and back walk.

    I lost my car under all of it. My car is white, so it looked like it disappeared.

  14. Spring? Nuh-uh. Today is a perfect Autumnal day. The trees are dressing up in fabulous colours of red and yellow, the air is cool and clear and the sky a perfect shade of blue.

    We're heading for Winter down here and I'm loving it!

  15. I've got robins. Blackbirds. Chipmunks. Groundhogs. Squirrels. Stray cats (stalking the feeders). The usual garden birds, and a lingering Junco here and there.
    Got everything but spring. There's a chance of snow this weekend. :(
    (The bird is beautiful, btw!).

  16. Awww. Like your new tenant.

    So far we've seen hawks, eagles, wood ducks, mallards, and assorted smaller birds.

  17. Looks like a Carolina Wren to me, Lynn. We had one nest in our planter when I lived in Tallahassee.

    Yesterday we had a snowstorm here, so it's hard to think about Spring, but before the snow, I saw hyancinths and lilies pushing up. Also, we're getting our summer birds back - robins, finches, flickers, and my favorite little White-crowned sparrows (or skunky-birds, as I like to call them).

  18. Anonymous10:51 AM

    Well, I've had everything else, why not birds? :)

    Well, I guess a bird in a birdhouse just sounds so....mundane after the residents.

    Nope, nothing will ever top that frog.

  19. I have an albino squirrel with ice blue eyes hanging out in the tree in my front yard. He comes down and harasses my Boston Terrier with his constant chattering. My dog used to get so frustrated. Now he just huffs in irritation and lays down to sleep.


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