Sunday, April 06, 2008


I have nothing for you today; the current WIP has temporarily tempura'd my brain. Fortunately some other blogging writers do:

Two and a half years after Katrina, the hurricane during which author Larissa Ione lost her home and everything in it (and this was just the beginning of the nightmare), she is finally able to post the news about the end of her ordeal. I can't imagine the amount of courage, determination and endurance it must have taken Larrisa and her family to see this through. Bravo, lady.

Jordan Summers has an interesting conference (Ninc, I think) post here, and shares much good info that she picked up while there, including what some publishers want to see (Jordan also posted the excellent cover art for her upcoming novel, Red. Everyone: Go. Admire. Envy.)

Kristin over at PubRants has a post here about one take on how the economy might be impacting authors and publishing. She also has a link to an article on that HarperCollins imprint that won't be paying their authors advances, which I'm not reading because I know I'll get steamed and my brain is already extra crispy.

Over on Storytellers Unplugged, David Niall Wilson writes about getting his groove back in the best way (I'm making this a reading assignment for all the career writers out there, especially the depressed ones.)

I'll be taking the day off tomorrow to have doctors beat up on me my annual mammogram and stress test, so unless my chest explodes or I fall off the treadmill (again), see you all on Tuesday.


  1. It seems to me that not paying advances is incompatible with the requirement that authors promote their books independently of the publishers' efforts. Who's going to pay for that, then? Visa?

  2. Good luck tomorrow.

    Do you know about International Women's Revenge Day? It's the day when you indulge in your favorite treat while the man in your life goes for his prostate exam. And if he complains about having to go, gently suggest he try the table and the stirrups next time he's at the doctor's office.

    Dear Gentlemen Readers, IWRD is my own creation. Please let the women in your life celebrate it once a year. We don't want to lose you.

  3. Thank you so much, know how instrumental you were in my recovery.

    Good luck tomorrow! Mammagrams SUCK!

  4. I hope everything goes well on the exams.

  5. Thanks for generously directing your readers to other helpful posts. I do hope the doctors don't clobber you too hard, as this blog appears to be as well-read as it is well-written. I look forward to reading future posts.

    C.H. Kokoski

  6. A m'gram saved my life--hope yours goes well : )

  7. Hope all went well at the drs. with your exam. ((hugs))

    My own little exam foray is this Wed.

    For some reason, when I see the MRI or CT machine, I think of a vanilla glazed Krispy Kreme. Really.

    So far I have restrained myself from taking a bite... LOL.


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