Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Reader Poll

As Reader Wednesday is still under construction, I've got some questions for you guys this week:

1. If I started posting free stories online regularly again, would you rather read a new short story every month, or a chapter of a new novel every week?

2. Of the following genres, which is your favorite: alternate history, biblical fiction, christian fiction, dark fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction, romantic suspense, or science fiction?

3. Other than books, what sort of giveaway/contest prizes do you most enjoy winning?

Share your answers to any or all of these questions in comments to this post by midnight EST on Thursday, April 12, 2007. I'll draw one name from everyone who participates and grant the winner a Bookwish* as well as a surprise. Giveaway open to everyone on the planet, even if you've won something here at PBW in the past.

*A Bookwish is any book by any author of your choice, provided that 1) the book is currently available for order from an online bookseller and 2) the book is priced up to a maximum of $25.00 US dollars. I will throw in whatever shipping costs are involved for free.


  1. 1. A short story - when you've got time, of course. I miss them.

    2. Alternate history, dark fantasy, romantic suspense and science fiction.

    3. The Lotteries!!! Hah! As if... Books are fine.

  2. Anonymous3:46 AM

    1. Short stories, please.

    2. Dark fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction and science fiction. I wish I could select only one, but I can't.

    3. There are things other than books? If there are things other than books then most of my favourites are book-related. Or food-realted. Dark chocolate is a passable substitute for books, on occasion.

  3. 1. Short Stories are always good,Sweet and Simple.

    2.My favorite is dark fantasy.

    3.What about pictures of the places you've been,its always inteeresting seeing through others eyes.

    Hugs, Danette

  4. Anonymous4:55 AM


    1. Short stories

    2. Dark Fantasy and Science fiction

    3. Book marks, or other book related stuff.

    I love your books.


  5. Anonymous5:08 AM

    1.Short stories please. I still have all your old ones saved safe and sound. I'd love to read some new ones too.

    2.Dark fantasy, Science Fiction & Romantic Suspense

    3.Book related things.

  6. 1.short stories..we can always get excerpts of books from online bookstores
    2.Romantic suspense and christian fiction
    3.trinkets (or any kind of jewelry)

  7. Anonymous5:53 AM

    1. Short stories.

    2. Of the following genres, which is your favorite: alternate history, dark fantasy, historical fiction, romantic suspense, science fiction?

    3. I have to go with Gillian's, "There are things other than books?" here.

  8. 1. Shorts. If I miss a chapter I'll begin to lag and end up not reading at all.

    2. Anything but christian fiction

    3. Physical evidence of the writing process. A page of story notes, a sketch, a doodle relating to the book.

  9. 1. Short stories -- if I have to wait too long between chapters of a book, I forget what I've read.

    2. If I have to choose one, I'd say romantic suspense. BUT, I also enjoy: christian fiction, dark fantasy, suspense, and science fiction?

    3. If I can't win the lotto, then the next best thing is books... in fact, I'm more inclined to enter contests to win them than just about anything else.

  10. 1. Definitely short stories. I chomp up a novel in two or three days and lose track of the plot if I have to set it aside.

    2. Science fiction.

    3. Hmm, I don't have a great track record of winning things, so I'll have to imagine :). I prefer tangibles to gift vouchers, especially as the last time someone gave me an Amazon voucher, I forgot to use it before it expired. Ooops. DVDs, or playing cards, maybe.

  11. 1. I'll read either. Maybe some variation? First a bunch of short stories and then a novel?

    2. Alternate history, science fiction, historical fiction.

    3. Anything really. CDs, DVDs, booksmarks, a year's subscription to a writer mag, an issue of particularily useful writer's mag, chocolate... :)

  12. Anonymous7:36 AM

    1. Either one would be a treat!

    2. Science Fiction

    3. Specialty coffee or chocolate is always nice. :D

  13. 1. Book chapter a week, if you make it a serial. But if that is going to be problematic, short story.

    2. Actually I'm reading historical mysteries at the moment, but I also like dark fantasy and science fiction.

    3. Nothing is better than a free book. Well, maybe free chocolate (preferably Godiva).

  14. Anonymous7:58 AM

    Don't put my name in the hat this time, but I wanted to chime in - or rather, echo melissa b.

    1. "Either one would be a treat" - I've loved the short stories; while having to wait a week for the next chapter of a new novel could be torture, it would be of the deliciously tormenting kind.

    2. Science Fiction

    3. Hadn't thought of this one, but like the idea: "Specialty coffee or chocolate is always nice."

  15. Anonymous8:05 AM

    1. Personally I prefer shorts

    2. I can do without anything overtly religious.

    3. I need nothing but books and chocolate ...

  16. Anonymous8:12 AM

    1. Short stories.

    2. Science fiction, alternate history.

    3. Honestly, my favorite prize is books. =)

  17. 1) Short Stories

    2) Sci-fi, romantic suspense, dark fantasy

    3) Just books is fine. They're easy to ship and unlike chocolate, they don't melt in the summer time. =o)

  18. 1. Short stories
    2. SF, alternate history, dark fantasy, romantic suspense
    3. Other than books? Gift certificates for books. It's all about the books.

  19. 1. Short story every month

    2. Dark fantasy. Then sci fi.

    3. Um.. Gift certificates? I like the books best actually.

  20. 1) Short stories. I prefer to read all of your chapters together at one time. :)

    2) Science Fiction/Fantasy
    Historical Fiction

    (I am still trying figure out what Christian Fiction is).

    3) Money!!!! No, seriously, I love books.

  21. Anonymous9:44 AM

    Those are tough questions.

    1. New short story
    2. Dark fantasy no romantic suspense
    3. Gift Certs for books (does that count?)

  22. short story
    romantic suspense or dark fantasy
    gift cards, and pampering products (lotions, bath products, candles)

  23. Anonymous10:02 AM

    1. Short story every month.

    2. Science fiction

    3. Gift certificates

  24. Anonymous10:07 AM

    1.I liked the way you used to mix them up. We have gotten some great books out of those early stories. Would like to see more of the stories from the Star Doc universe.
    2.Dark fantasy, science fiction, romantic suspense. Can I help it if you have written things that I enjoy in more than one genre?
    3. Have no oringinal ideas, but then I am a book addict.

  25. 1. New chapters of a novel

    2. Like them all! I'll go with dark fantasy

    3. Quilts! I love books. books books books.

  26. 1. Novel chapters. It would be just like an old serial story printed in a newspaper!

    2. I like several of those genres, so here they are in order: historical fiction, dark fantasy, alternate history, and romantic suspense.

    3. Writing supplies. Paper, journals, pens, that sort of thing.

  27. 1. A new story every week. When I read for pleasure or critique, I notice I lose the flow of the story when more than a day or separates the installments.

    2. Christian fiction, (and time travel in any genre)

    3. Love to get gift cards and basket-type items like candles.

  28. 1. I'd rather read short stories online, because if I'm away from the computer for a while I completely lose track of what a novel is about.

    2. Nonfiction is the most reliable for me, but I also like quite a lot of alternate history and historical fiction as well as selected books from other genres. I don't read biblical or christian fiction.

    3. I like winning things that are reusable or consumable. I often read books more than once, so they're well worth having around, and so is music. Things like tea, chocolate, paper, and pens get used up. I usually don't like trinkets.

  29. Anonymous10:47 AM

    1. Either! I like whoever suggested a mix, but that would be hard to keep track of, although a novel chapter a week sounds like a lot. perhaps every other week?

    2. I can't pick! Any, really, though I lean toward fantasy and suspense (or historical, third.)

    3. Gift cards for books. :-D Anything you're willing to give us? I reiterate from the last time you asked, some kind of critique (if that's legal for you), or maybe just, yanno, more books.


  30. 1. Short stories. I hate waiting for the rest of something.

    2. Dark Fantasy, sci-fi.

    3. Books are great. Can't beat 'em.

  31. Anonymous11:14 AM

    1. That would be fantastic; best-news-I've-heard-all-week-fantasic!
    I'd love some short shories, but I also don't know if I could wait a whole month between stories... Weekly novel chapters would be good too, keep us in suspence. Whichever would be easiest for you.

    2. Dark fantasy, romantic suspence and science fiction.
    Can I add another one? I love your "paranormal romance".

    3. Aside from books? That's tough, books are super.
    Music that you like, a little quilt here-and-there, writing stuff (stationary, pens, journals,...),...

    Thanks so much PBW!

    (I'm going to sit this contest out, I just wanted to give my two-cents)

  32. 1. I think I'd prefer the short story, but would be more than happy with either.

    2. Historical fiction, science fiction, nonfiction.

    3. The kind of giveaways that offer the opportunity to get another book. Gift certs, money, etc.

    Thanks as always!

  33. 1. short stories
    2. nonfiction
    3. I enjoy winning anything, it makes me feel lucky

  34. Anonymous11:31 AM

    1. Short stories

    2. Dark fantasy and romantic suspense

    3. Writing- or book-related things - perhaps books on writing. I also like leatherdykeuk's idea of physical evidence of the writing process.

  35. 1. Short story... I really enjoyed them

    2. Science fiction, historical fantasy, I like just about all of them

    3. I second the ideas already posted!

  36. 1. either short story or chapter

    2. alternate history, dark fantasy science fiction

    3. gift cards and writing stuff, books are the best

  37. Anonymous12:18 PM

    oh, i miss your short stories....

    i'd love some Biblical, Christian, Dark Fantasy, Sci Fi...just about anything but non-fiction.

  38. 1. I'd prefer a short story every month.

    2. Dark fantasy or science fiction. It's a toss up for me - I love them both.

    3. I have yet to actually win a drawing here... but, anything with a personal touch would be cool.

  39. Anonymous12:39 PM

    1. short stories. This was tough because the shorts are monthly while the chapters are weekly, but then the shorts are complete and I hate waiting. (grin)

    2. dark fantasy, science fiction, alternate history

    3. books! or anything writing related. I love bookmarks :-D Also, you might consider a small quilt to hang on the wall with perhaps a related theme to your books.

  40. Anonymous12:50 PM

    1. When I try to keep up with ‘one-chapter-at-a-time’ stuff, I find myself doing a lot of re-reading. I vote mostly short stories.

    2. In no particular order: alternate history, dark fantasy, romantic suspense, science fiction. And, just to be different, I would like to read some non-didactic Christian fiction. Pretty much every work of Christian fiction I have ever read has been sappy moralizing tripe, filled with impossibly perfect characters who have tidy little ‘problems.’ None of this bears any relation to the real world as I know it.

    3. Other than books? Ummm. No personal preference here, but there have been some good suggestions already.

  41. Anonymous1:11 PM

    Blogeois said...

    1. Short story every month. I like to read and digest.

    2. Alternative history, historical fiction, SUSPENSE, and a smattering of science fiction.

    3. Other than books? Hmm, all expense paid trips to writing conventions? No? Well, I had to try, right?

  42. 1. A chapter of a new novel.

    2. Dark fantasy, science fiction, romantic suspense.

    3. Um, not a clue?

    Don't enter me in the contest, PBW. I just had to get my say in for the first two. ;)

  43. 1. I would pick short stories
    2. Romantic Suspense
    3. Gift cards

  44. Anonymous1:45 PM

    1. the short stories
    2. Sci-fi
    3. gift cards..especially from bookstores

    B. Eric

  45. Anonymous1:56 PM

    1. Short stories (but I'll read whatever!)
    2. Dark fantasy
    3. Amazon gift cards, definitely

    Why do you do this for us? You have such a huge fan base, you could get away with being a mean jerk if you really wanted. I'd still read your books (but I wouldn't respect you afterwards, naturally).

  46. 1. I'd love to read a serialized novella, but I'd understand if short stories were preferable under the cirumstances.

    2. I enjoy most genres, especially romantic suspense, dark fantasy and SF.

    3. Free books are always welcome, but so are DVDs and gift certs to iTunes or Amazon. On the other hand, e-pubs and story critiques are less expensive and more personal.

  47. 1. short story
    2. dark fantasy
    3. Anything spa related.

  48. Hi!!
    1. I'd love to read a chapter of a novel every week, like in the good old days. It's not too heavy and you get to really feel suspense!

    2. I love dark fantasy, nonfiction and sci-fi.

    3. I loooove the books, but I think gift certificates on Amazon or smthing could boost curiosity!

    Love your way to keep updating your site throygh comments, feels really democratic!

  49. 1. short story
    2. dark fantasy
    3. cash! lots and lots of cash


  50. Anonymous3:08 PM

    1. Chapter of a new novel every week. It'd let me get to know the characters better.

    2. Dark fantasy.

    3. I'd like the chance to win a story critique, definitely. Or anything small and personalized and quirky.

  51. New short story every month

    Christian fiction, romantic suspense

    Love bath products, book thongs, jewelry, journals, chocolate

  52. 1. Decisions, decisions. I'd go for the novel chapters, myself.

    2. In order: alternate history, historical fiction, nonfiction, biblical fiction. After that, it doesn't much matter.

    3. Pens, notebooks, pretty much anything writing related.

  53. 1. I would enjoy the short stories the best but I would like reading chapters too.

    2. Can I pick them all? No? Okay, well my favorite is Dark Fantasy. The next two would be Sci-fi and Romantic Suspence.

    3. Winning something is in itself thrilling but I guess some of my favorite things to win from authors are: Signed bookmarks, pens, stationary, gift certificates, and cover flats. Other contest wins would be anything from cash to DVDs. Basially everything everyone above mentioned and more.

  54. 1. short story

    2. alternate history, dark fantasy, nonfiction, romantic suspense, science fiction?

    3. Bookmarks,chocolate

  55. 1. Short stories, please!

    2. Dark fantasy, hands down. Second is historical fiction (I left my heart in Tudor England), then Christian and Biblical.

    3. I like winning things that are signed, useful, or yummy. So, bookmarks, pens, small notebooks, chocolate. Then again, I also like little things that have no use whatsoever, like cute statuettes of most anything is good!

  56. Anonymous5:16 PM

    1. Alternate between Short Stories and Chapter of New Novel.
    2. Tie between Sci Fi and Dark Fantasy.
    3. Online bookstore gift cards, book marks.....

    Thanks so much. You are spoiling your readers!!

    Sincerely, Cathy G

  57. 1. Short stories.
    2. Romantic suspense, mystery and historical fiction.
    3. Books, gift cards, journals, and cute notion items.

  58. Anonymous5:21 PM

    1. We have to choose? Erhm... I'd say novel? But both are awesome.

    2. Of the following genres, which is your favorite: Historical. But I love historical suspense most of all.

    3. Other than books, what sort of giveaway/contest prizes do you most enjoy winning? Chocolate. Coffee. Chocolate. Dates with Christian Bale.

  59. Anonymous5:23 PM

    1. Chapter of a new novel every week.

    2. dark fantasy, historical fiction, romantic suspense, science fiction

    3. signed bookmarks, coverflats, jewelry or anything book related

    Terri W.

  60. 1. Novel chapter weekly.
    2. Romantic suspense, historical fiction, mystery.
    3. Gift cards, Books, Note cards, tea items.

  61. 1. A chapter of a new novel every week.

    2. Science fiction

    3. Bookmarks! No, seriously.

  62. Anonymous6:26 PM


    Good questions.

    1) Yes. I'll read whatever you write and be happy.

    2) Yes. Take your muse's pick.

    3) Ya know, I'm still disgusted with myself that I didn't get my short story done in time back in October. How about the first page or first chapter of someone's story? (Within limits, of course, whatever you felt you could manage.) Since no one's mentioned this, did you rule this out in past and I missed it? If so, you can't go wrong with a book.

    Karen, the lurker

  63. meardaba wrote: Why do you do this for us? You have such a huge fan base, you could get away with being a mean jerk if you really wanted.

    I'm not a mean jerk yet? Gotta work on that.

    If I can get more people to read books by doing what I do, I'm contributing something positive to their lives, sharing my love for reading, and doing my part to support my industry. It's fun, too.

  64. 1. Short fiction! There's too little of it these days, it always seems to me. I love short stories. Novels are easier to read on paper.

    2. Science fiction, generally, though I'm good for almost anything.

    3. I like the idea of other book/writing-related things. And I love when places give away pens, for some reason, even though I never actually use them.

  65. Anonymous8:17 PM

    You're an amazing woman, PBW. Thanks for being so kind, generous, thoughtful, funny, talented, ...

  66. 1- Chapter of a new novel, I really look forward to reading a new piece of a story each week, month, whatever
    2- I'm really into Dark fantasy right now
    3- I love winning books but I guess I would have to say gift certificates are pretty cool too.

  67. 1. Either, actually- although given my ever shrinking attention span perhaps stories would be better :o).
    2. I was going to say anything but Christian fiction, but actually I'd be interested in reading some of yours.
    3. It's all about the books, but I agree with leatherdykeuk about something from the writing process.

    Don't enter me, though, since I just won last time. Give someone else a chance to win :o).

  68. 1. I'd prefer a new short story every month.

    2. My favorite genres come in that order: romantic suspense, dark fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction and science fiction.

    3. Gift Certificate to get extra books :)

  69. 1. short stories

    2. romance, suspense, thriller, historical romance, christian fiction and dark fantasy

    3. I like autographed books.

  70. 1. I prefer chapters, but short stories work, too.

    2. Alternate history, romantic suspence, science fiction, dark fantasy

    3. There are things besides books?


  71. Anonymous10:16 PM

    1-Short stories. I would LOVE that.

    2- Dark fantasy, but I read almost all flavors of fiction.

    3- I would also have to go with book gift certificates if I can't have books. :-) (I'm Karen, and I'm a bookaholic...)

  72. Anonymous10:31 PM

    1. Novel chapters.

    2. Dark fantasy or science fiction... I can't choose.

    3. I like books best.

  73. 1) a chapter of a novel

    2) dark fantasy or science-fiction

    3) notes or sketches from your writing process

  74. Anonymous11:11 PM

    #1 chapter of a new novel, it has time to be developed, though I do enjoy the short stories you created so far, so I guess it depends. Maybe a longer short story?

    #2 science fiction with some complex romance sprinkled in.

    #3 knick-knacks are always cool, such as bookmarkers, craft items, things you can use, or something you think is interesting and would be of interest to your audience.

  75. Anonymous12:44 AM

    1) either is fine with me. If you have the time to write it, I will read it.

    2) Dark fantasy is my favorite.

    3) Books are good, but so are cd's, movies, gift cards to stores (preferably usable online--we don't exactly have a great choice of stores around here, heh heh.)

    Hope I helped, Lynn.

  76. Anonymous6:11 AM

    1. Short stories

    2. Science Fiction and Dark Fantasy

    3. More books?

  77. Jumping late on the bandwagon, but hope I'm still in time ;-)

    1. Short story, please.

    2. Any of the fiction, with alternate history being my least favorite (I get too confused with what is in the book and what is in RL... blame the blonde roots). The only nonfiction I read is writing related.

    3. A critique, if you have the time. Of course, that's only if you get bored giving away books :-)

  78. Anonymous7:38 AM

    1) short story
    2) science fiction, nonfiction, alternate history
    3) bookshelves

    US DVDs won't play in some countries due to different regional codes :-(

  79. 1. Either would be good.

    2. Dark fantasy, science fiction, alternate history.

    3 Still drinking my first cup of coffee here so I hope this sounds reasonable. Books are always cool. A critique of a first chapter. Journal. I've always found this to be helpful.

  80. Anonymous8:59 AM

    1. Short story per month.

    2. Science fiction or nonfiction.

    3. Maybe a critique of a short story or novel chapter? But books are the best giveaway, I think.

  81. Anonymous9:18 AM

    1. Love your short stories but whichever you would prefer is fine.

    2. All

    3. Books

    Thanks for all you do.


  82. 1. Definitely a short story. It's torture to make someone like me wait an entire week for the next installment of a story, especially if it's very good.

    2. Of those listed, definitely dark fantasy, although historical fiction isn't too far behind.

    3. There are other types of contests? Haha Seriously, I really don't enter many contests. I suppose I wouldn't mind winning a gift basket of some sort. Money is always nice to win. :-)

  83. Anonymous10:44 AM

    1) Short Story

    2)Science Fiction

    3)Signed Stuff / Books


  84. 1) Short story
    2) historical fiction, alternate history, dark fantasy, nonfiction, science fiction
    3) books are always best, lol (giftcards are a bit difficult outside the US, I suppose)

  85. Anonymous11:27 AM

    1) Short stories, please.
    2) Alternate history, science fiction and dark fantasy
    3) Books are always good. As are gift cards.

  86. 1) Short stories. I love the short story form and I'm all out of Roald Dahl.
    2) Alt-history probably.
    3) I never win anything! But maybe gift cards or extremely fancy postcards or something.

  87. 1. Short stories, definitely.

    2. In order of preference: dark fantasy, science fiction, alternate history, historical fiction, romantic suspense.

    3. I love it when authors auction of crits of query letters/synopses/partials. Of course, I recognize that can be too time-consuming for some, and not a benefit to readers who AREN'T writers. Books are definitely my favorite non-writing prize. ARCs are awesome, though I've never won one. Gift certificates would rock. Especially to bookstores. *laugh*

  88. 1. I'd prefer the new short story. I'd get to read the complete thing in one go, which is how I prefer to read online.

    2. Of those genres, my favorite is scifi. If I had to pick a second, I'm thinking dark fantasy. Very dark, urban fantasy.

    3. Other than books? I love the idea of giving away books! But other than that? A gift certificate to a bookstore.

  89. 1. Chapter of a new novel :) Patience is a virtue, but not in this case ;)

    2. Dark fantasy, romantic suspense, and science fiction

    3. coffee giftcards

    Bookwish: Natural Born Charmer by SEP


  90. Anonymous5:56 PM

    1) short stories
    2) dark fantasy and romantic suspense
    3) no preference

  91. Anonymous7:38 PM

    1. New chapter every week-more for frequency than content.
    2. Science Fiction, dark fantasy, historical fiction, nonfiction, romantic suspense, in that order. =)
    3. Creative, weird things. Little bits of PBW history -like the the bookmarks- Silly gewgaws like a Treasure Troll blessed by PBW. Your lucky teacup. A homemade voodoo doll.
    Or food. Send us a box of your favorite tea. Find something that tastes like jaspkerry. =)

    Jess M.

  92. 1 Either is fine.
    2 Romantic/suspense/scifi.
    3 Books are great.

  93. Might I just say that I am loving your reader-oriented Wednesdays? I always look forward to them! ^_~

    1. You kill me with your suspense and cliff-hangers and yet you are like a drug--chapter every week, please! :D

    2. Science fiction romance. ;)

    3. It's gotta be books. ^_~

  94. HI there lynn first i want to say i love your books!!! ^_^ and i cant wait for night lost. And as for the genres i would have to pick dark fantasy definatly with some romance in there. And as for giveaways and contests other than books i would say... chocolate and gift certificates to online booksellers because if you have many books in your tbr pile but know one that you want then you can get it and it is your choice. I usually pick each authors book up the day the are out that way i am not left wanting when they are all out and waiting for more ^_^ Glad to be in on the conversation.

  95. I'm too late for the giveaway, but I figured I'd toss my answers to the questions in anyway--the more feedback the better, in my opinion. The first questions a tough one--I go back and forth between the two! It might be cool to do both--a short story every other month, interspersed with novel chapters, or something like that. That way we get the coolness of the stories and also a sneak peek at upcoming books. As for genres, I love everything. I'm not religious, so I'm not into religious fiction; my favorites would probably be alt history, dark fantasy, and romantic suspense. Or romantic fantasy. Giveaways...other than books?? I have to agree with the other commenter who said chocolate. Chocolate is awesome. Maybe book-themed accessories? They have those cool reading lamps. Not sure on that one.

    Hope the feedback helps!

  96. Anonymous12:38 PM


    1. Either, though I love novels.
    2. science fiction with or without a touch of romance
    3. gift cards, chocolate, organic sunblock or soaps