Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I appreciate your patience while I've been away as well as the terrific feedback for my poll last week. The winner for Reader Poll Giveaway is:

Mark Siegal

Mark, please send your book wish and your ship-to address to LynnViehl@aol.com so I can wave the magic PBWand and get your winnings out to you, and thanks to everyone for joining in.

I have a gazillion things to do to catch up, including the Laundry Pile from Hell. If all goes well and the washing machine doesn't explode, tomorrow I'll be posting some very good news. If the washing machine does explode, make sure they spell my name right in the papers. It's . . . okay, does anyone remember what my name is now?


  1. Anonymous1:48 AM

    Congrats, Mark!

    Best of luck with the pile PBW. I'm waiting for the day someone invents inexpensive disposable clothing. My kids are almost growing through the clothes fast enough to qualify the stuff as that now anyway, might as well get some short cut out of it.
    Welcome home :-}

  2. Anonymous3:51 AM

    *frowns slightly* Sheila Kelly? S. L. Viehl? Lynn Viehl? Jessica Hall? You have so many names, it's hard keeping track of them all.

    You're not the only one with the Laundry Pile from Hell- I'm fairly sure mine is breeding.

    Good luck, and make sure to take a shield against the shrapnel!

  3. hehe, Lynn, you truly make my day very often, hehe^^
    I see we are all going to share the truly cathartic experience of cleaning day, as it shall most probably take most of the day^^lol

  4. How about Gena Hale?

    I saw Laundry Pie. Must bake pie this weekend, because it is clear my obsession is using up too many of my brain cells.

  5. Anonymous8:23 AM

    Thanks, Mary! And especially thanks to PBW (er, whatever your name is... Sheila Kelly, I think?) for running all these generous contests.

  6. Anonymous8:27 AM

    As soon as I remember it, I'm writing it in on my SFWA ballot. PBW for President!


  7. Now you've got me imagining epitaphs. "Here lies PBW. Death by laundry. Don't ask." Looking forward to hearing your good news!

  8. OK, little story. When I moved into my first house, a friend gave me his old washing machine (he had gotten a new one). One day, the nice little solenoid valve that opens to fill the tub...didn't close. I came home to three inches of standing water in the basement. Yikes! Fortunately someone else had given me a really good wet-dry Shop-Vac.

    Good luck with your pile from Hell, and I can't wait to hear the news.

  9. We could never forget your name, Shena!

  10. I think I'm safe from the Demon Laundry Pile. It's much more likely to go for the cat! :o)
    Have a good day, Shelley!

  11. Anonymous1:18 PM

    Death by Washing Machine would pretty much entitle you to have all your names in the paper.

  12. congrats Mark. I thought I killed my washing machine the other day. It was making horrible noises and stopped working!! So after wringing out an entire tub of whites I realized I had overloaded the poor thing. Such a relief to have it working again lol.


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