Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I gave up on using my old AOL photo album sharing thing, which half the people I know could never access no matter how I sent the links. Now I'm giving Flickr a whirl, and it seems to be working pretty well.

I'm not a great photographer; I'm not even a fair one. I have the digital camera they sell to people who can push a button but not much else. I forget to center and sometimes my hand shakes and the pic blurs. I do my fair share of pictorial decapitations, too. Luckily, I don't take a lot of photos. Mine are 95% personal: the kids, the family, the pup, my guy when he's not looking, vacation stuff, a few sunrises and sunsets, the lake, whatever slithers into the backyard, and quilts.

My first photoset, County Quilt Show, is from a show in the area that I try to attend every year. It's not a huge gathering, with miles upon miles of quilts on display, but I prefer small shows. You get a chance to really talk to people and see the local talent. My daughter went with me this year and after buying a ton of fabric for our stashes from the quilt shop booths, we went out into this marvelous little atrium area to sit by a wall-length stone fountain and share a box lunch (remember those?)

Flickr has some good features (I know, aside from the Amish I'm probably the last person in the country to try it.) You can upload plenty of photos, and make them public, private, or accessible only to family or friends. You can add little descriptions, sort them (haven't figured out all the organizer stuff yet) and make sets and slide shows. If I can do it without the kids helping me, you know it's easy. Best of all, it's free.

If you've got photos on Flickr or another service that you'd like to share with us, post a link and details in comments (and please note if they're not work-safe.)


  1. Cool pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us. I've been thinking about putting my Ireland pictures up on the web, so I might just have to give Flickr a try.

  2. My sister's deep into quilting. I remember flying home from the US once with a quilt for our parents that completely filled my bag.

    I put my photographs on my domain server, so I don't have an album. But there's a lot of my photos up on my blog if anyone cares to click through :). Currently showing: ducks and starfish.

  3. I mainly have my family (private) photos on it, but I use google's picassa service and really like it. (www.picassaweb.google.com)

    I do have a few public albums here--I'm not sure anyone will be interested in my son's middleschool drama performances (LOL) but the meditation picture album is nice. :)

    You can make albums public or private and it's really easy to upload photos.

    I think you might need a google invite to open an account, but if anyone wants one, email me.

  4. As a matter of quilting interest, you may be interested in my set from the International Quilt Show this past November in Houston.
    My mother has been going to this show since I was a kid, but last year was my first visit in over a decade.

  5. Here's my flikr...


  6. This isn't flikr, but I wondered if you'd seen this. I was a little surprised not to see Joseph Greyveil's name!


  7. I just finished consolidating and moving some of my pictures to a new Flickr account when I saw your post. Most are from a trip to Mexico a few years ago, others are the first quilt I made and a painting I did thrown in for good measure. Quite safe for work. ;)

    PS - I love the antique crazy quilt you have in your set. So cool!

  8. Fireworks, airplanes and comets on my Flickr page

    I upgraded to the pro one so I could put more on there, and haven't uploaded anything since ...

  9. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I use Photobucket for my pictures, just to have somewhere for linkage.

  10. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I just created my first online photo gallery with free gallery software Coppermine.
    I've just uploaded the first pictures taken with my new digital SLR. There will be more, soon. Hundreds of cat photos to sort through! ;) Oh, and the gallery is here.

  11. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Photobucket! They do slideshows... wish I could figure out how to load this one on my blog.

    I wish I had the patience, or the hands, for quilting but I can't thread a needle and I total lack patience. A friend made me a gorgeous one, though. Maybe one day, I'll take a pic of it and share.

  12. Wow...those are beautiful quilts....I need to find on for my bed......I've only used photo sites to order photo gifts like mugs and mouse pads, I've used Snapfish, Shutterfly but if you have a costco membership their prices are cheaper if you need photo gifts.....Hug, Danette

  13. Don't feel badly about not trying Flickr... I STILL haven't. :)

  14. I've never used flickr except to look at other people's photos. I just put them up on my website and so far they're all family ones.

    But I did want to say some of those quilts were beautiful. Almost makes me itch to work on mine again, but I have to get my portion of the costumes for Fiddler on the Roof finished first.



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