Thursday, August 31, 2006

Off to Write

On the up side of things, Ernesto has mostly moved on, a steady drizzle trailing behind. There were no outtages or damage here that I know of except some fender benders due to wet road conditions. It really felt more like a storm drill than a real storm. May those of you in Ernesto's path to the north have the same great luck.

On the down side, storm prep and sundry put a ding in my schedule that it really didn't need, and then an editor dropped an emergency job in my lap. I have to unplug for a couple of days to catch up. There will not be a Friday 20 this week, but I'll be back next week to update the blog for September, talk shop and give away some new releases.

You all have a great Labor Day weekend.


  1. Anonymous11:18 AM

    Happy to hear that Ernesto passed you by relatively unscathed.

    Have a great Labo(u)r day weekend.

  2. Have a great weekend. :)

  3. Anonymous11:44 PM

    Happy writing, Sheila. I'm hoping to have a decent writing weekend, too. Don't know if I'll finish my NiP, but I sure hope I get within spitting distance.

  4. Happy writing. :)


  5. Anonymous9:35 AM

    Glad to hear you weathered Ernesto just fine ... it blew through here all yesterday and fortunately I seemed to be the only person in this immediate area whose power never went out, which meant I got much closer to finishing my current story than I would've otherwise.

    Have a great long weekend and good luck with your writing!


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