Saturday, August 19, 2006

Haiku Day

Ten Things Created with Online Haiku Generators

the sable, silent mountain -
the storm is dreaming
of the spring world

-- Crow City Haiku Generator

afterlives fall, mean
frostbitten ripples destroy
dryly, flat passive

--The Genuine Haiku Generator

Near the chateau I confine
The rose is lost.

--Haiku Generator

Hello tiny elf
Bringing Christmas Joy to us all
I hate you a lot.

-- Haiku-O-Matic

The clear hidden sea
in a flowing storm
a waterfall struggles

-- Haiku to You!

Sink, stray. With thin hills
Rebel, wither. With white barks
Write, glow: descending.

--Haiku Writer

A temple responds.
Earth skips but summer whirls hands.
Trinkets cover leaves.

-- Peter's Haiku Generator

consider fading systems
imagine the piece

--Random Haiku Machine

Collie vanadate,
welcome gonopore waterleaf,

-- Random Word Haiku

Ugly is she who
must ridicule difference
to feel more special

-- Work Haiku

I feel all Zen now, don't you? For more fun, post your original or generated haiku in comments.


  1. From Haiku-o-matic (spew alert):

    Elvis is not dead
    He probed me on his space ship
    Hunk of burnin' love!

  2. {original}

    All the flags are red
    Warning me to stop
    But your green eyes beacon-

  3. alien life form
    lays its eggs within my chest.
    my shirt is ruined.

    (from Haiku-o-matic)

    BTW, the elf haiku is a keeper. ;-)

  4. From the Random Haiku Machine:

    the words need changing
    remove ambiguities
    hidden intention

  5. Anonymous3:23 PM

    From Haiku-o-matic:

    Masturbation rocks
    I wish I could do it more
    Damn cubicle walls


  6. Blood-stained clothing?
    Why do you ask where I've been?
    Just let me think. . .

  7. A grove of ice-goddesses
    touch the wint’ry sky—
    Asleep in feathered snow.

  8. Anonymous7:40 AM

    I wrote this one recently (and I should note that I was taught to count syllables, not words, when writing haiku):

    Empty swings sway slow
    on a dry, colorless breeze
    ghost children at play.

    This one came from a moment I had when I went to my daughter's school one afternoon to pick her up, and saw the wind was making the swings on the empty playground move.


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