Monday, August 07, 2006

Not Publishing Ten

Ten Things to Broaden Your Blog-Reading Horizons

1. Get the latest on advertising, new media marketing, and the latest advergames over at the Adverblog.

2. Issues that concern animal-friendly folks: Eric Prescott's An Animal-Friendly Life.

3. Food and life in a Paris Suburb: Melissa's Banlieue Blog.

4. Not just another gadget blog: Gadget Bloggers.

5. Ramblings of a Texas ER physician: Grunt Doc.

6. Learning, e-learning, knowledge management and weblogs: Lilia Efimova's Mathemagenic.

7. Art, Music, and looking a bit like John Cusack: Christopher Lynn's Movable Walls.

8. One man's photographs are another's digitally altered art: Photocollabs.

9. Digital artist and art generator Kahuna, Don Relyea, has a terrific blog right here.

10. "Like a colostomy bag of song": Julie Dill's Vowel Movements.


  1. Anonymous7:16 PM

    Here's another one that would fit right in to your list: Waiter Rant, inside dish from the bistro biz. The guy just got a book deal, too! Proof positive that blogging can pay off for writers.

  2. I love the adverblog... And I'm closer to a book deal after 1.5 years of blogging. Be the media through blogging and the world opens up before you. Of course you have to have decent goals, and good writing to match...

    -n.l. (The other Paperback Writer blog)


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