Sunday, August 20, 2006

Link Worthy

I've found some generators while out link-hunting this week that didn't fit in with my lists but that I still wanted to post.

We've seen character generators a-plenty, but here's a site that creates three personality traits and a personal motto for your characters: 101 Quick NPC Personalities. The same site offers an adventure idea generator that covers just about every story element you'd need. Both are geared toward RPGers but could be very useful to spark and inspire some new ideas.

This is brilliant and useful: Aabashenya came up with a custom-design title maker that allows you to enter words you'd like to use in your title, then generates ten possibilities using them. Excellent if you have some key words or words from the story that you'd like to use in a title but are stumped on how to combine them.

Another gem, Maygra's Random Title Generator, produces six titles at a time, and comes up with some very interesting combinations of words.

Jellyn, who designed Maygra's generator, also has one for random fantasy titles.

And just for laughs: want a new job label for your character or yourself? Try's New Title Generator. Now to try to talk people into calling me the Virtual Resource Czar . . .


  1. Anonymous1:05 AM

    Wow! Thank you! I stink at titles and these are great!

  2. Thanks for sharing these, O Virtual Resource Czar! The NPC and adventure idea generators are fantastic. And the title generators gave me some great ideas for future books too.

    With heartfelt gratitude,
    The Network Space Nomad.

  3. The Petals of the Male???

    Some of those titles are more than weird. :)

  4. Inspired. Great stuff.
    Titles are a trade in and of themselves
    City Slicker


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