Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Delete Your Blog

I left the country while you guys weren't looking. But hey, I came back, right?

Good thing about leaving the USA: Bread. Friends who try very hard to speak English because you can't speak their language without slaughtering it. Chocolate. Tea, bread, chocolate and more chocolate. And if you pretend to be Canadian, no one will spit in your food, or your face, or accidentally on purpose bump you off the platform in front of an oncoming train.

Bad thing about leaving the USA: having to pretend to be Canadian so no one will spit in your food, or your face, or . . .

Yesterday I was going to post an anecdote from back when I escaped the Borg resigned from SFWA, but it was a defensive bit of humor to combat some petty unpleasantness from a source better left unnamed. I felt tired, and not quite over the jet lag, and for a minute I went over to Settings and sat staring at that Delete Your Blog option. It's the virtual cyanide pill that ends all blog pains, the instant daily mini-vacation that never ends, and the harassed blogger's ultimate fuck you, pal.

And then I figured I really was tired, and still not over the jet lag, and stayed away from the blog for my requisite 24 hours of cool-down time. I went to the book store to see my new book that I can't tell anyone about, with the great cover that I can't show anyone, and bought an unsigned copy of Joe Konrath's Rusty Nail (rare find, let me tell you; the man has been to like nine thousand bookstores in the last three weeks) and felt better.

Going to the bookstore is like going to church. I'm surrounded by the people who share my convictions, and touch base with what it's all about for me personally. I miss being a bookseller so much sometimes. Man, I lived to work the floor and talk books. I tried to bring some of that here when I started blogging again, to talk books instead of book bullshit, you know? But I can't look into your eyes, and see if they're gleaming with excitement or glazing over, and I piss off the sacred cow people, and the no sense of humor people, and the let's pick a fight with PBW people, and so on.

Anyway. I'm sticking around. I just thought I should provide an excuse for my absence, and I didn't think you were going to go for the dog ate my blog entry.

So what's up with you guys? Anything exciting?


  1. Nothing exciting on my end..... being Canadian and all.... ;-)

    Work is beating my ass as usual, and I should be in bed, but glad I stayed up and caught this post, and caught you in a better mood. And I'm glad you didn't hit delete. :-)

  2. We all go through "delete your blog" phases. I've been through it a few times, this 21 Aug marks my one-year blogging anniversary. Please don't delete your blog. I enjoy it very much, especially the ten-things list.

    Since you asked what's up, I'm taking the opportunity to announce that my new book Honk if You're Malaysian! will be released early 2007. BTW, 2007 is Visit Malaysia Year. Come visit us. We're friendly, hospitable and cheap (in the good sense).

  3. Every night at 9pm PDT my Safari RSS feed reader tells me that PBW has posted a blog and I stop what I'm doing (which isn't usually writing, but should be) and trot on over to see what words of wisdom, whimsy, and wit you've chosen to share with us, your devoted readers.

    What would I do if it wasn't there???

    So glad you didn't pull the plug!!

    What have I been doing? I've finally started revisions (again) on my first ms, I've been having some great thoughts on another, but mostly I've been working the day job which has been running into nights. At least I'm almost recovered from National so I might even be able to get back into my dual life of the workerbee/writer without falling asleep infront of the computer...

  4. Hmm - just returned myself from a Mommy Vacation (without kids or hubby...Woot!). Also, trying to work on the next excerpt for my crit group, critiqueing their submissions, and putting together my next podcast! Not to mention the day-to-day stuff there is to do. Eeps!

    Still, I'm feeling energized after my vacation and ready to tackle my busy week!


    And who would want to pick a fight with you???

  5. Surfer: Whoa... duuude! Delete your blog? No. Waaay. Man. Cool, when did you get a cyber dog?

    Gentleman: I think, my dear, you will find that you are too important to the readers. It is far too late to take back your words.

    Doctor: I'm really sorry to tell you, but the delete button... passed away. We tried. God how we tried, but we couldn't save it. I'm so sorry for your loss.

    There are so many others roaming around in my head, wanting to have a word or two. (Character creation left-overs. I've gotta get rid of some of them.)

    During the day, I'm a mild-mannered customer services person, but at night, I'm a raging and savage... editor. I've been editing my book Deception (I have sooo got to find another title!) Not much energy left for anything else.

    Soo... S., whereja go and didja 'ave a good time?

  6. Ahhhh, the bread! While in the Navy I was able to taste the fresh, warm breads of Italy, France, Spain, and Crete.
    Mmmmmmmm, fresh bread in Italy with real butter or oil!
    I might just have to re-enlist!

  7. Talking books is good. I like that idea.

  8. Doing? I just started a Support Crew meme which to date has one participant - me. Still, it's all fun, right?

  9. I've been recovering from my trip to the US where I read your Darkyn books and loved them. Don't delete your blog!

  10. ~agonized shriek~
    Do. Not. Delete. Your. Blog.
    ~further horrified mumblings~

  11. Anonymous5:18 AM

    Glad to read you didn't kill the blog. This is a great blog, and one of the first I read each day.

    I know what you mean about the bookshop. It is a great feeling to just wander around and soak it all up. Very cathartic.

    I'm in the UK. We've finally caught up with the US and now have a combined bookshop+coffeshop in this town (Borders and Starbucks) which lets me indulge two of my passions at one time. Flicking through great novels while having an insanely strong coffee. Hmmm.... coffee.

  12. Anonymous5:40 AM

    I left the country too! ( well, I suspect we swapped for a short time.) We adopted a dog who needed a good home from Washington state.

    And now I'm getting ready to go to Atlanta, and then shortly after that, LA.

    And writing.

    And deciding if I apply to university, what should I take to fill my brain up again. (suggestions welcome)

    And wondering if I'll have a job in a week, but not all that stressed about it...yet....

  13. Ack!

    Thank you for not termiating my education early. I appreciate you and your blog more than you know.

    My good news? I get to move half-way across the country in a few weeks. With three kids, a husband, and a zoo. But I'm moving closer to family and friends so it's worth it.

  14. Anonymous7:21 AM

    *crawling out of lurkdom* I'm so glad you didn't delete your blog. So, so glad.

    I have been herding cattle. Really. And guess what? They did NOT want to be herded.

  15. Exciting? For once, yes.

    Tonight, weather permitting, I'll be having a duel with German longswords. "ZORNHAU!"

    In 45 mins, I shall be having coffee with a guerilla animator, who's releasing an adult (as in "grown up", rather than "plunging willies") fantasy series over the internet. http://www.bloodspell.com/

    I've been chatting online with a recently published friend of mine (who you really should check out) http://anurbanfantasy.blogspot.com/

    Oh, and I just completed the penultimate draft of my novel. Now I just have to plaster and polish.

    Don't give up blogging! You can tell we're interested because we read you, and sometimes comment.

    Most of us wannabes have dayjobs where we feel like transient aliens. It's nice to gather round the virtual water cooler and chat with a somebody who's where we want to be.

    Plus, you say useful stuff.

  16. The munchkin has a very loving view of what makes up a family so we count an electic mix of people as "relatives." We'll make you a cousin which will also make you an honourary Canadian so you won't have to lie about it when you're out of the country.

  17. I've been studying hooks and the making of a trilogy for my own nefarious purposes.

    So glad you didn't delete your blog!

  18. Two things:

    1. An unsigned Konrath? Hold on to that. Put it in shrinkwrap. That thing is going to be worth something one day.

    2. Eyes? Shining with excitement.

    3. A word of appreciation. I get information, inspiration, and confirmation here. When you get tired of the bullshit (as we all do from time to time) remember that for every pound of bullshit that comes in, you are delivering a ton of help to people like me who probably don't say 'thanks' enough.

    So, thank you.

    And I just realized that I said 'two things' up top. Ah, well.

  19. Do not ever leave the country again if these are the crazy thoughts you have. Or maybe it was the pretending to be Canadian thing. Either way--never again!

  20. Anonymous8:54 AM

    So glad you didn't pull the plug on the blog, I look forward to your posts every day. (Though I comment rarely) Of course, you could rewrite the NY phone book, and I'd probably still read it. Sorry, you're stuck on my "Must buy as soon as I see a new book by her" list. And that includes reading the blog.

    Excitement over here? Housemate has had stomach reduction surgery (there's a technical term, I don't remember it) I'm doing the illumination and calligraphy for some wording that is....well....ugly. It was written by committee I think. It's like putting lipstick on a pig. No, let me correct that. It's like putting lipstick, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, false eyelashes, tweezing the eyebrows, putting on a blonde curly-haired wig, pink party dress with lace edging....on a pig. I hate this project, but it will look good. Gods help the poor guy who has to read it outloud though, the wording doth sucketh mightily.

  21. Ack! I'm so glad you didn't delete your blog. Your light hits the gloom on my gray every single time you post.

  22. JA Konrath HAS been everywhere. I was in Indianapolis for a quick break with the bratlets before school started up and when I was signing stock, I saw Whiskey Sour and Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary was signed, with the neatest promo item stuffed inside. A drink coaster. I love that idea. I bought both of them and Bloody Mary is my next read after Don of the Dead.

    And I had somethin exciting happen. My agent called me yesterday and my editor at Berkley wants to buy the proposal I sent in a few months ago, along with a second, yet to be written paranormal. I'm psyched!

    whimper... please don't delete your blog. I understand the tired and I'm amazed you blog every day. I can understand a hiatus or something if you need it, but don't just disappear, pretty please.

  23. Anonymous9:45 AM

    Joely said:
    Ack! I'm so glad you didn't delete your blog. Your light hits the gloom on my gray every single time you post.

    OMG - are THOSE the lyrics to that Seal song?!?! Wow, did I get them wrong...

    But ditto on not deleting. It's the one blog that's a must-read for me.

    As for the haps - just going thru my 1st round of edits from the editor on my first book. Much fun.

  24. Anonymous9:46 AM

    I've actually been enjoying lots of excitement. One of my writer buddies is researching a book that takes place in Iowa and I've been tooling around playing tourist with him. And eating lots and lots of hotwings. lol

    Welcome back, and I hope you had a nice trip.

  25. I'm rapidly eating myself to death. Tasty, but fatal.

  26. It must be difficult to see your work gracing the shelves and not be able to tell the world, but what a rush it must be to walk in and see them there! I do hope to experience this in my lifetime; actually being on a shelf instead of being just another ISBN in the stores computer system.

    And I did have a few heart palpitations when you mentioned deleting your blog, but felt instant relief when I realized it was the jet lag and frustration leading you toward the pill! I understand the pressure of daily posts even when you feel you’ve got nothing worthy to share, but I hope you know what a rare gem your readers have found in your straightforward, no bullshit attitude in regards to this insane industry.

    I’m currently on my 3rd chapter of the e-book challenge and enjoying every minute of it. Thanks for that as well!

    Hope you enjoy Rusty Nail. I can’t wait for Joe to come to Jax!

  27. Glad you're back! And don't you dare delete your blog. We need you in blogland!

    Oh, and nothing exciting is happening whatsoever. :(

  28. Delete the blog??? Noooo...That's it. No more long trips for you.

    As for exciting...? Well..I'm trying to learn how to juggle two projects at once. And trying to get my kids ready for school. Does that count?

  29. Thanks for sticking around! Through your blog, I've discovered your books and other wonderful bloggers! (Although I've had my finger poised over that delete button in the past, too!)

    Excitement? Visiting Bernita's blog! Going to the doc this morning and only getting jabbed three times instead of the usual five times when Vlad wants blood. And queing up the jobs on the Metaserver to run to plate for the web presses.

    I'll be back to visit again! Hopefully, no one will spit in your food!

  30. >> Going to the bookstore is like going to church. <<

    Oh, so I'm not alone. ANd you can't write in them, or mess them up, unless they clearly say workbook, and even then, just xerox the page and write on that.

    Okay, so I might be alone in the degree of my worship of books, but still. There's a BAM near my office, and it's a struggle not to go every day at lunch.

    Also, glad you didn't press the button.

  31. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Definitely don't delete your blog! Yours is one of the few author blogs that I read and really enjoy!

    So I have a question that is totally off the wall. I saw that Jessica Hall is going out of print. Do you have any further info on Caine's book?

  32. Lol, one of the advantages of living in Germany is the bread. And the beer. :)

  33. Exciting?

    Well, I'm halfway through revising my novel, and can squat with 40 lbs on the dumbells.

    It's exciting to me anyway...

    I'm sorry you're finding blogging frustrating. Let's hope some big sale distracts you *grin*

  34. Hmmm, you were in Europe weren't you? That's the only place where they really actively hate Americans to your face on a daily basis.

    Don't delete the blog! Nonononono! I found you through your blog and just picked up one of your books! It's sitting in my TBR pile

  35. The last time I threatened to delete my blog because someone sent me a nasty note, a wise person told me it would only give satisfaction to all the wrong people.

    Now, slut that I am, I'm all for spreading satisfaction, but...

    Please repeat: "I won't delete."

    That is all.

  36. I'm glad you didn't delete your blog. I would miss it. Although I don't comment much -- I don't seemt to have much to add to the intelligent and interesting comments already here -- but I do stop by daily to see what's up in your world. Thank you for sharing parts of your life and your writing.

  37. Anonymous6:04 PM

    Step away from that delete button! Place your hands on the keyboard and spread your fingers. Now type "I will keep blogging" one hundred times (or until you are convicted -- oops meant convinced -- that you will keep blogging.

    I've read Star Doc, Beyond Varallan, Bio Rescue and Blade Dancer this month. Working to get my greedy hands on more of your stories.

    I purchased your ebook, "Way of the Cheetah" July 8th, and started putting it into practice. I'm creating a mandala from the concepts in your book. I spent a day redesigning my writer space, and the next day wrote 1,364 words - better than I'd done since NaNo'05. For the first time I'm keeping a word count log, and logging my writing time. Baby steps for a newbie writer, but important to me. On the fun side, I saved some screen shots of scenes from Blade Dancer, as interpreted by me using the Jackson Pollack generator 1.0. I've learned from your workshops, followed your links, read your freebies, and entered your contests.

    Pleeeese don't go away....

  38. I have one good reason why you shouldn't kill your blog: If you do, mine will surely overpower your Paperback Writer blogs dying entries and then everyone will think I'm an imposter! I'm telling you, there's room for two! And your words are very helpful...

    -The Other Paperback Writer blog

  39. Please don't just delete your blog, I've gotten half of my coworkers and my writing partner all addicted to your blog. And while I am not the most regular about replying to your blog (or, to be honest- updating my own) I always read your blog. And there have been days lately when reading your blog is the only laugh I get. Besides, you always introduce me to good books, for which I say "thank you very much".
    As for what is new: my boss (and friend) is being moved, half the staff is new, I might have to become (eee gods) a manager just out of self defense, and I still haven't heard if I've sold my first book. And I'm going to Ireland in 6 weeks, and am waiting for my passport. I might be going crazy but at least it will be scenic.
    Ann @ fractured fiction

  40. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I like your blog.

    I know how it feels to want to delete a blog. *comfort* But don't delete it. The ban/ignore/whatever it is here key is a wonderful thing. If you got one, use it with abandon on any big meanies. Works for me!

    Currently, I'm enjoying the last days of my kids' summer vacation (I don't have to get up at 6:30 to get them anywhere, so it's a good thing.) And trying to get up the nerve to actually submit something. Nothing fictional I write seems good enough to actually submit. (it's just fiction for some reason that scares me, I have non-fiction published all over the web)

    But I'm still writing. My first novel doesn't know if it wants to be a solo book or a series. My second put all but one of my critiquers to sleep, and I'm trying to rewrite it this month. My third I just got done writing.

    And all my short stories come back from the crits: this would make a great start to a story, but it's not a story. So I dunno. =/

  41. Harrassing people at Romancing the Blog with my Hail Mary pass of an entry.

  42. Exciting things on my end? Just did a new window display for the bookstore, which was really fun.

    And I just adopted out one of the feral kittens we've been raising (they were born under our deck, and being suckers, my roommate and I started feeding them), which was heartbreaking, and somewhat embarassing when I started crying in front of the adoptive Mum.

    So now I've got my favourite movie and some good ice cream to cheer me up. ;)

  43. Anonymous4:27 PM

    Hey, I just found your blog! Don't delete it now!

    Uh, what's that deal with the Borg and SFWA?


  44. Anonymous7:36 PM

    Americans. Can't live with 'em...can't live with them.


  45. A word of caution about that "Delete Your Blog" button: if you do it, your blogspot URL will be recycled and someone else can use it. I discovered this the hard way when I deleted a blog in a fit of pique, and the next day someone else whose views (and writing) are far different from my own started posting where my blog used to be. So if you have a fondness for the address pbackwriter.blogspot.com, don't hit that button. :-)


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