Wednesday, June 07, 2006

So That's Why

Input words: Publishing, Writers

Why does a lucky height mend? A pronounced wash proceeds after the alien girlfriend. The freedom forwards Publishing throughout a sitting cupboard. Writers appall Publishing. Writers expect Publishing. A declared discharge parades in another legend.

Wow. Amazingly accurate. I once knew lots of appalling authors who were short, had poor personal hygiene, and aspired to have sex in closets with people in alien costumes. But then I resigned from SFWA and RWA . . .

(Generate your own mildly freaky random paragraph with two nouns of your choosing here [link snatched from The Generator Blog].)


  1. Anonymous7:27 AM

    How can the freed ozone fudge before French poodle? Slartibardfast closets a honey with the mercury. French poodle communicates the undefined voter underneath an expenditure. When can the protected defeat sign its gradual mint?

    - no matter how much artificial chemical stimulation my mind could handle, it could not come up with such as this.

    Could this be the future of writing - machines spewing prose.

    Or could this be nothing more than some of the lost quatrains of Nostrodamus?

    Oh, and it has a dog in it - or was that yesterday's news? . . .

  2. A declared discharge parades in another legend.

    Penicillin would probably clear that up straight away.

  3. Anonymous8:57 AM

    Remember the random keywords that used to show up on the bottom of spam emails? They might still appear there, but I have a spam filter now. Anyway, I would sometimes rearrange the words into a seriously surreal bit of poetry that sounded very much like this.



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