Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Found Music

While I was out walking this past weekend, I found a recordable CD and an open jewel case by the side of the road. The case was in three pieces -- it looked as if someone had thrown in out of a speeding car -- but the CD was only dirty.

As I'm a nosy person, and there was no one around to yell at me, I took the CD home, cleaned it up, scanned it and played it. I didn't recognize the band or any of the songs, but they were really good. A subsequent lyrics search helped me tag the songs, and it turned out that the CD is an out-of-sequence bootleg of Evans Blue's debut album.

Now I'm curious as to how this CD ended up on the side of the road. It had to be an accidental toss; the music is too good to throw away. The CD is one of those wild-patterned Maxells that looks as if a teenager might have made it. Yes, I know that's poor evidence, but we older music lovers tend to buy in bulk, and these babies are not cheap. Even the order of the songs is interesting -- he* obviously wanted to hear the song Cold (But I'm Still Here) first, and I do that myself when I make car copies of my albums.

I thought, briefly, about putting an ad in the paper. "FOUND: Excellent music on the side of two-lane country road. Case useless but CD rescued. Will return to owner if you tell me how/why it got there. Call and ID track list to claim."

What's the most interesting thing you've found in a strange place?

*I'm also assuming the owner was male; Evans Blue is definitely not a chick band.


  1. It could be the result of a little domestic row in the car. Slighted girlfriend lobs favourite tunes out the window. Body found in ditch five miles down the road...

    And it's not very interesting or unusual, but I found a mini maglite at the top of the mountain here on Christmas day. A great present it has made, too. I use it every night when I take the dogs out last thing.

  2. Man! First book treasure and now this.

    I don't often find anything interesting. Usually money, but I never keep it. If I can't find the owner then I'll donate it.

  3. Funny you should ask that.

    My basic goal in life is to be a bum on a sailboat. (Hence the desire to get a writng career started -- it's portable).

    As I was walking to the parking lot to come home from my day job, I passed a brass anchor earring hanging on nail on a telephone pole.

    I took it as a sign and now it's a charm on my flash drive that I take between work and home so I can work on my novel during my down time.

  4. Anonymous8:33 PM

    Blogger is on the blink again, folks -- just FYI.

  5. Anonymous9:40 PM

    My mom has always been luckier than I am when it comes to finding the good stuff. One year while Christmas shopping she found a hundred dollar bill on the sidewalk. Then a year or so later, she saw a jacket in the middle of the street while driving home one night. (I guess she has excellent night vision or something.) So she stopped to pick it up and found about $400 in the pocket.

    But I am really posting to say thanks for linking to Evans Blue. They are great! And thanks to whoever tossed that cd on the side of the road. ;)

  6. Strangest thing I've ever found was one of those shields used as a trophy. It was propped up against a building I walked past.

    I can only imagine the revelry the night before and the winner put it down to, er... relieve himself, or something (it was a sports trophy) and forgot to pick it up.

    I took it to the police station where, hopefully, the subdued and panic-stricken winner sheepishly picked it up.

  7. Anonymous12:52 AM

    We find odd things all the time. Just this week, for example, we found 2 bags of wood mulch and a 4x8' sheet of lattice on the road. We've found tools, a swimming pool (15ft round 4'deep, complete set except for the bottom rail), a solid cherry headboard (currently on our bed), and I can't count how many dumped pets. And that's just a sampling. Maybe it's a benefit of living in a fairly rural area.

    Probably the coolest thing was a 45-star flag inside an attic wall of the house we're living in. We found it when we did the initial remodel. Or maybe it's the beer cans we found beneath the floorboards of our previous house when we remodeled it. lol

  8. A partridge in a pear tree.
    Not kidding.

  9. The strangest thing I ever found was a fat, naked man in the women's showers at the YMCA. (Honest>)

    I learned I can scream really loudly if I need too.

  10. My kids and I found a kitten at a school bus stop in Verona, Italy. She appeared one day, out of the blue, about a month after my cat died. She looked at us imperiously, like we'd better surrender whatever food we had and she'd see if it was up to her standard. She's still my diva!

  11. I picked up my grandfather's old wallet, which looked empty... until I noticed a crease in some of the folds one day. I pulled back some of the leather to find three $100 bills. Seems he was careful about his money.

    Hubby once found a small gold ring with tiny dimonds in the sand at the beach one day. The ring probably wasn't worth much and it looked like it had been there for years so he stored it away somewhere. Just one of those unique finds...


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