Wednesday, June 14, 2006


This was just too good not to post immediately.

If you'd like to be a Laird or a Lady of the Highlands, here's your chance: buy a square foot of Scotland.


  1. Laird, or Lord, means 'owner' or 'landlord', not an aristocrat.

    I also note the site has listed "Scotland, Europe." Scotland is nae in Europe. Tis offensive t' suggest such a thing! Och, as a descendent of at least one wee famous Scot, I'll be thankin' ye t' remember Sco'land ha' nowt t' do with Europe! An' Highlands, is it? As a Borderer, I'll say the lowlands are quite pleasan' this time 'o year. Aye, aye, pleasan' indeed...

  2. They're doing something similar in outback Australia, except you get a square metre. (That's about 9 square feet - but then we've got one hell of a lot more land.)
    Just wait 'til they discover something valuable and have to get planning permission from 275,000 land owners...

  3. Anonymous5:40 AM

    So there's no chance of there ever being a President William H. Gates III, KBE then?

    Thank god for that.

  4. My brother once owned a square inch of Alaska.
    A Corn Flakes promo, I think.
    Must be inflation.


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