Saturday, June 10, 2006


I don't quite love music as much as books, but it's definitely first runner up and will take over for books, should they ever be unable to carry out their duties.

Music is also a central source of writing inspiration for me. Every novel I write has a theme song(s) or album; often I'll rip and burn a collection of songs on CD so I can listen to it while I'm outlining or plotting. I regularly annoy close friends by giving them albums of music that remind me of their books, too.

Time for wish #2: there is a music album out there that you'd like to hear, own, or get again because you accidentally dropped your only copy on the side of a country road and some busybody snatched it up before you could drive back and recover it. Only you don't have the time, means or money to get it at the moment.

Here's your shot: In comments to this post*, list the name of the album and the performer or band you wish for (it can be any music album at all, just assure that it's available for purchase and the cover price is less than $50.00 U.S. Also, if you'd rather not have a CD, please specify format) by midnight EST on Sunday, June 11, 2006.

I'll draw one name from everyone who participates, buy the album, and ship it to you, no charge. I'll also throw in a brand-new, non-bootleg copy of Evans Blue's debut album (which I talked about finding here) and a signed copy of my novel Dark Need. Wish open to everyone on the planet, even if you've had wishes fulfilled here at PBW before.

[*Note: Same problems with Blogger, so if you try to post a comment and find you can't, e-mail your musicwish to me at; same time cut-off as above.]


  1. Anonymous1:26 PM

    I'm wishing for Weather and Water by the Greencards.
    Gail L

  2. Mass Romantic by New Pornographers. We lost our copy somewhere, probably someone picked it up and is hopefully enjoying it as much as we did.


  3. I started listening to XM Channel 25 in an effort to expand my audio exposure. One artist (group of artists?) that has caught my ear is the Goo Goo Dolls. I've heard several tracks I like the sound of (but can't remember the titles). I have no idea what a good album would be for them, but they would be my choice if my wish were to be granted.

  4. Anonymous2:28 PM


    Riding With the King by Eric Clapton and BB King

    Audio CD (June 12, 2000)
    Label: Wea
    ASIN: B00004THAY
    Catalogue Number: 9362476122



  5. Ooh, thanks for the chance to be granted a music wish! I always wanted a fairy godmother lol. I would wish for:

    Anna Nalick - Wreck of the Day

    Thanks so much!

    Hugs, Zara

  6. Giuseppe Verdi
    Amazon link

    You're such a darling and I feel a bit bad about asking for such an expensive item, but I had that opera on tape, and the tape decided to turn into irreparable tape salad a few days ago. I so don't want to wait until October for a replacement, lol.

  7. Hmmm, a tough choice: I have a musical wishlist with about 50 different CDs on it right now.

    I think #1 would have to be Neko Case - Fox Confessor Brings the Flood.

  8. My music wish would be Queen's Greatest Hits.

  9. Anonymous4:08 PM

    I'm a soundtrack fanatic - its like modern classical music but with edgier emotions. Great to write to, great to drive to! So my wish would be:

    Battlestar Galatica Season 2 Soundtrack
    by Bear McCreary


  10. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Satan's Circus, by Death in Vegas

    The CD has been sitting in my Amazon Wish list for more than a year, I think. I was entranced by the music but never got around to buy it.

  11. Anonymous4:37 PM

    Oooh, since you asked...we're trying to save money for my son's new bed, so I'm not buying anything for myself right now. There's a fabulous CD on that I've been drooling for: "Unblocked Ears" by the Toids, and it would be so lovely if it found its way home to me!

    Fingers crossed,

  12. Switched On Bach, two volume set, by Wendy (was Walter) Carlos.

    I like all kinds of music, but classical is one of my favorites.

  13. Thank you for yet another generous contest!

    Spirited Away (Score)
    Joe Hisaichi

    Wonderful, wonderful music from Studio Ghibli's magical animated film of the same name, Spirited Away.

  14. Us and Them by Shinedown. I keep meaning to get it, but never do.

    Oddly enough, my husband saw Evan's Blue in concert last night. Took me awhile to figure out where I'd heard the name before (which was here).

  15. I didn't care much for the movie, but the 2005 release of Pride and Prejudice had an amazing soundtrack, and Borders didn't have it in stock when I went to buy it today. I responded by picking up five books instead.

    Yeah, I sure showed them. :)

    Amazon Link

    Pride & Prejudice [SOUNDTRACK]
    Label: Decca
    ASIN: B000BEZQ0Y


  16. Lenny Kravitz "5".

    First I lost the case, then I lost the disc. Bring Lenny home!

  17. Anonymous7:23 PM

    THE VERY BEST OF MEAT LOAF. 2-disc set.

    There's a story behind it, of course.

    Back in 2003, Tom and I were at the new house painting one evening. We popped in the DVD of VH1's program "Behind the Music" with Meat Loaf. On that show, he performed a song called "A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing to Waste," lyrics by Jim Steinman, music by Andrew Lloyd Weber, from the musical WHISTLE DOWN THE WIND.

    We liked that song so much we searched for the album it was from - the concept album from the musical. Well, that album is out of print and the only copies available were very out of our budget.

    While browsing in Best Buy one day, I happened to find the VERY BEST album, and noticed that "Kiss" was on it. Bingo! For only $22 (plus tax), we'd *finally* gotten the song we wanted.

    Fast forward to last month. While on the way to work one morning, a piece of tire tread (actually, almost the whole tread) slammed into the front of my car, resulting in an unplanned trip to the body shop.

    When I got the car back from the repair, four CDs (plus the jewel box for the CD that was in the stereo at the time) were missing. One of those four was the VERY BEST album.

    I reported the loss (read: theft) to the body shop, but they were not inclined to do more than say, "Sorry."

    (In case you're curious, the other three were a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas CD, a Mannheim Steamroller Christmas CD, and a Greatest Classical Hits CD. The missing jewel box is for Clint Black's PURE BLACK CD.)

    Irritating. Very irritating.

  18. Anonymous7:29 PM

    My music wish is for 10,000 Days by Tool.

  19. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Within the Realm of a Dying Sun - by Dead Can Dance

    Also - Anna Nalick - so. so. so. good!

  20. Mack the Knife (Ella Fitzgerald Live in Berlin)

  21. Anonymous8:40 PM

    This one is easier for me than choosing a book! :-) The new live Billy Joel CD coming out on Tuesday -- Billy Joel 12 Gardens LIVE.
    Great contests! Thanks.

  22. Pretty Hate Machine: Nine inch nails

    Its the best album NIN has ever put out, and the songs bring out that desperate love kinda thing. It touched me when i was in Highschool, and it still touches me today.

    This is a great contest.


  23. High School Musical: 2-Disc Special Edition Soundtrack

  24. Some great selections here! I do like the sound of some of these. The Spirited Away soundtrack is nice!

    I love music. If I had a bit to spend at the moment I'd probably get Sea of No Cares by Great Big Sea. ;)

  25. Amarantine by Enya. I absolutely love her music.

  26. Music x2 and a book??? That's so very, very cool.


    Nothing's Shocking - Jane's Addiction

  27. Actually this already happened to me and I bought the CD. :) But just to share, and in case you ever want to listen, it was Michelle Shocked and her song Anchorage.

    And although I love reading and writing, music is my other love. And I do the same, making soundtracks to them. It helps keep me in the flow.

    Great post.

    (Briana at Divas)

  28. Anonymous11:43 PM

    Oh music!!!!

    Josh Groban's first CD.

    Thank you!

  29. Great Contest PBW!

    I love music of many different kinds and believe it speaks to our souls and touches us in places we sometimes aren't even aware we have.

    Fireflies by Faith Hill would be my choice

  30. Anonymous3:19 AM

    So many good ones to put on my list! I'm a soundtrack junkie so Battlestar and Spirited Away caught my eye but I've been promising my sister I'd get:

    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire soundtrack.

    Some of my favorites right now that I'm wearing out? The Lord of the Rings soundtracks. The theme for the Rohan is very cool.

    Adele Dawn

    Word Verification? Bsdov - russian I think ;)

  31. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Back to Bedlam James Blunt

    Little Lamb lost

  32. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Dishwalla - Live from the Flow State

    Great band with an amazing singer, one of the best voices in the industry.

    Thanks alot!

  33. I think mine would have to be Once, by Nightwish.

    (Amazon link)

  34. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Forerunner, by The Cottars.


  35. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Soil & Eclipse : "archetype"

  36. Anonymous12:08 PM

    Symphony #3 (symphony of sorrowful songs) - By Henryk Gorecki

  37. Anonymous12:56 PM

    Styx, Paradise Theater.

    My brother stole my LP (laser etched) out of my room when we were teenagers and traded it for drugs. And a CD would be great. It wasn't the only thing he stole, but I still miss that album.

  38. Maggie Sansone - "Mist and Stone"

    Because I can never find her in an actual store.

  39. Anonymous2:09 PM

    Journey: Greatest Hits

  40. When I was 19, the song "Yevengie and the Snow Dragon" inspired me to write the story "Jewel-Bright", which was the last story I ever sold to a Sword & Sorceress anthology.

    Other songs off that album have inspired me in different ways over the years. The problem is, it's on a tape, and I don't listen to tapes anymore. Meg Davis finally put the album on CD, and I think you can still get ahold of it off her website.

    So that's my wish. A copy of Meg Davis's "Captain Jack and the Mermaid" CD, assuming it's still available.

    Thanks :)

    And as an aside: if you like Evan's Blue, I'd like to recommend Bayside. Well, I'd like to recommend one song by Bayside: "Devotion and Desire". It just came onto my iTunes and it is a damn-near perfect indie-rock-angst-athon. THAT song was the inspiration for my latest foray into comic book writing.

    You can preview the song on their Myspace at: -- just click the "Devotion and Desire" link and allow it to load.

  41. Rammstein Mann Gegen Mann

  42. Anonymous3:01 PM

    The Matrix Soundtrack -- mine's all jacked up from listening too many times.

  43. I'd love to have Bruce Guthro's Of Your Son. I think I wore out the library's copy.

  44. Handel's Messiah

    by Paul McCreesh

  45. Anonymous6:01 PM

    My Fair Lady Original Broadway Soundtrack (with Rex Harrison and Julie Andrews)

  46. Oh, would have to be the soundtrack to the movie Evita!

  47. "Sabotage" by Black Sabbath. Had it way back when on cassette.

  48. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Ring of Fire album by Johnny Cash. It was one of my favorites as a kid and I'd listen to my mom's old LP's. "Ring of Fire" and "Forty Shades of Green" are still two of my all time favorite songs.

  49. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Monrose - Shame
    A new band from germany... very good music.


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