Thursday, February 10, 2005


We're not Going to Make a Lot of Money, Okay?: Borders has, for various reasons, rewritten its profit forecasts. I'm sure the stockholders will likely appreciate more realistic projections versus Borders whipping out something else like the sluggish store traffic excuse when profits fail to materialize.

And I'm the Easter Bunny: News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch is in no hurry to snatch back the 17% of News Corp. shares from Liberty Media Corp. Uh-huh. People working for HarperCollins Publishing might be a bit twitchy this week; be nice to them.

Lit-heads, rejoice: Publishers expect the BBC1 "reading group" show Page Turners, which debuts in April, will follow in Oprah's book clubbing footsteps. Publishing moving into television is mildly depressing; I haven't watched it in seventeen or eighteen years now and I don't intend to start (was too busy reading books.)

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