Sunday, February 20, 2005

Ice Skates, Anyone?

Upon joining the ranks of SF authors, I was informed that a certain honor would never be paid to a certain female author in the genre. Putting SF on the NYT BSL was a bad thing, you see. One cannot be so vulgar as to write SF that actually sells well. Also, there has always been that question as to whether she genuinely qualifies as a SF writer, because there was all that Other Stuff in her books.

No, I was told, The Organization had its standards to think of, and unless a catastrophic event of mythic proportions occurred, this author would never ever ever be recognized for her career achievements. I think her work is brilliant, myself, but then, what do I know? I was silly enough to resign from that unprofessional bunch of morons organization.

So? Why didn't one of you guys e-mail and tell me that Hell had gone and frozen over?

Congratulations, Anne McCaffrey.

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