Monday, February 28, 2005

Misfit Ten

Ten Things That Didn't Fit Previous Ten Things Lists

1. The Internet Public Library's collection of links to free online texts.

2. Without question, the best paper I've ever read on success and failure.

3. Peter Anspach's Evil Overlord List.

4. The Traditional Latin Mass in, what else, Latin (but a nice side column English translation.)

5. Star Naming: lots of people buy nonsense like this, and this explains why you shouldn't.

6. Just in case you didn't get enough here, the Abuse-a-tron.

7. If I couldn't write, I'd work here. Or here. Or here (and if that quality control job at the factory does ever open up again, I would like to be notified at once.)

8. Own a virtual slave with the Cyberbuddy.

9. At four to six weeks per book, I'm a pretty fast writer. This guy is way faster.

10. Want a percent of his/her heart? Try the Love Calculator.

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