Saturday, February 05, 2005


PBW thoroughly enjoyed the 24 offline. Roy Marsden is such a lovely man [insert girly sigh.] Okay, back to business.

Mad Max of Bookangst 101 takes exception to various points of criticism. I'd list them, but as usual I can't read some of them. Max, have you ever had that eye test for colorblindness? Just a thought.

Romancing the Blog is up and running, with a good mix of columnists from all over the romance genre map. Some interesting stuff posted already. I'm hoping the editors resist turning it into yet another bakesale table for RWA and RT.

And last, but not least, Tambo is feeling better. Well enough, in fact, to embarrass the hell out of me. Keep it up, Tam, and the chain-smoking Irish harpy will move in with you. I will also love you forever for this line: She's not exactly what I'd call ass kissing pro-establishment suck up. Wonder if I can fit that on my banner...

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