Saturday, December 26, 2015

Write! Free

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays. I spotted this Write! freeware over at "It does not get in the way of your creativity. It helps you be productive when you write or edit. It connects you with other people when (and only when) you need it. Yet Write! provides enough functionality for when you switch from "write drunk" to "edit sober" mode, you can stay as productive and creative as after a bottle of Chardonnay.

Even though it's trendy in the software development community these days, we chose to abandon being mobile-first and browser-based, but set on an alternative path of native desktop responsiveness, performance and experience over the overhyped browser-based-everything. That being said, the much hyped cloud-everything does have a point, so Write! is set to be deeply integrated with the cloud: your drafts, notes, documents and research materials all synced. Another big "online" feature we want to focus on is collaboration and digital asset management integrated right into the text processor.

You can think of Write! as a lightweight combination of a distraction-free editor, Evernote app, a bit of Wordpress post editing UI, some formatting features of Word, and even some IDE mechanics, from which we borrow how auto-complete or text folding works."

A bit too technical for someone as allergic to devices as me, but it seems like something you gadget-savvy scribes might like. You can see the features here, and I particularly liked this bit: "Every account starts with the Pro version of Write! and falls back to the free version after one month, should you decide not to subscribe." The pro version is $4.99 a month. Looks to be Windows but you might want to check into that.

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