Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Recycled Gift Wrap 2

Okay, deadline done and I'm back. To continue with my posts on how to make your own gift wrap by recycling paper and some other items you may have around the house, today I'll show you how to turn a plain brown bag into a neat gift container.

For this project you will need a small brown paper bag, a sheet of white paper, tape, and scissors. Some optional items to use: double-stick tape, glue, stapler, old flat Christmas ornament or a small candy cane. I got this bag when I bought some cards at the market:

Accordion-fold the top of your paper bag six or seven times:

Place your gift or treat inside the bag now, and then fold the top accordion fold you've made in half, to form a fan shape:

Tape the back of the two sides of the top fold together (you can also staple them if you want):

Cut a snowflake out of your white paper (if you don't know how, Martha Stewart has a photo gallery with simple instructions here) and tape (or glue) to the front of your bag:

You can add a little candy cane on top of the snowflake as extra decoration:

Or use an old Christmas ornament:

You can do this with just about any size plain paper bag; all it has to be is flat at the top so you can fold it. It also makes a neat, inexpensive party-favor bag during the holidays, birthdays or any special occasion.

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  1. What a lovely idea, and so quick & easy too. Happy Christmas.


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