Monday, December 28, 2015

Secret Santa Books

I mentioned last month that I was signing up for Library Thing's Secret Santa event, which is a surprise book exchange between members during the holidays -- and this is what Santa delivered:

Ah, this is so much fun. I love surprise books. Let's open it up and see what I scored:

Hooray! I have read the Bill Bryson, but someone nicked my copy. I was planning to buy another to add to my Bryson keeper shelf, so very pleased to have it so I can read it again. Back when I was in high school Sylvia Plath was my favorite poet (big surprise there, eh?) and I bought the edited/censored edition of Ariel, which is now too old to handle. I'm anxious both to reread it and see what's in the restored edition. I've read several of John Keegan's books -- he's an amazing nonfic military writer -- but not this one. All three books are perfect choices for me.

And in case you're curious, here are the books I sent as Secret Santa for my recipient:

Soulless by Gail Carriger -- hilarious steampunk at its best.

Raven Black by Anne Cleeves -- my Secret Santa in 2014 sent this to me, and I enjoyed it so much I bought the series. Ruthless writer, great puzzles.

Play Dead by Anne Frasier -- Amazing writing. Amazing series. Just amazing.

Black Tupelo by Anne Frasier -- You can't have too much Anne Frasier.

Chalice by Robin McKinley -- this is a book I give often to folks who write or enjoy reading different YA. Really interesting characters and world-building.

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  1. "face og Batle" is my Favorite Keegan book. Enjoy!


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