Saturday, December 05, 2015

Off to Write

You know you're behind on your blogging when you go to schedule your next day's post at 12:57 am and there isn't one to schedule. I could have sworn I had one in the queue, but alas, no.

Just as well. I'm unplugging today to knock out some work and take care of some housework and errands. We're running a bit behind on Christmas so I'm hoping to catch up this weekend.

Just FYI, I haven't got a lot planned for the holidays on PBW; I do have to work this month so naturally the clients come first. That said, I'm putting together some inexpensive gift ideas and photos to share in upcoming posts (which I will find the time to write, too.) I might also try one or more of Cooking Light magazine's 100 healthy cookie recipes for fun and show you the results. If you want to check them out for your holiday baking see the thumbnail index here. I'll also be continuing to work a little bit on Twenty-One each week.

See you all tomorrow for another Sunday edition of Just Write, and more of Nex's adventures.

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