Thursday, October 08, 2015

No Name Required Sub Op

Just a note for anyone who did not stop by last week -- PBW's weekly Just Write feature has moved to Sundays and will be staying there indefinitely.

Here's an open call I spotted over at's Paying Markets forum from a new SF e-zine startup launching January 1st; the interesting part is that they want blind submissions, and don't want your name unless they accept:

"Metaphorosis is a new online semi-pro magazine of speculative fiction. What we want:

style – We want writers who use language beautifully – so that words aren’t just the carrier for your story, they’re part of the scenery. We want the poetry of Roger Zelazny, the finesse and ingenuity of Jack Vance.
mood – We want stories with atmosphere, where mood is an important element. Think Patricia McKillip.
character – We want stories with characters – real people with real emotions, whether those people are aliens or trolls or both. Think Arthur C. Clarke.
intellect and emotion – We want writing that makes us think and feel. We want the intellect of A. A. Attanasio, the social awareness of Ursula Le Guin, the impact of George R. R. Martin.

See our submission guidelines for details.


We are now open for submissions! We launch on 1 January 2016

What we pay:

We pay a semi-pro rate of $.01/word. We'd love to raise this, and will do so as soon as funding allows. See our Patreon page for information about where new funding would go.

What we're buying:

The guidelines have details, but we're buying first English rights and non-exclusive anthology rights (monthly for Patreon supporters, and a best-of annual). Sample contracts are posted on the submissions page.

What else:

Submissions are blind. We ask that you not include your name in the submission itself, and we generally won't see your name until/unless we accept a piece.

We pay via PayPal, immediately on acceptance.

Reprints: no, Multiple: yes, Simultaneous: yes

We also buy cover art at $50/piece (nonexclusive, reprints okay)

We'll aim to give brief personal feedback, including telling you by which page we decided a story wasn't for us. Depending on the level of submissions, we may have to curtail this, but we'll try.


We'd appreciate your spreading the word to other writers and artists. And, of course, come read the magazine on 1 January!"

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