Saturday, October 17, 2015

Count 'em Ten

Ten Word Count Widgets for NaNoWriMo's Wordcount Tracker

Another Little Progress Meter

Critique Circle's Word Meter Builder

Language is a Virus's simple NaNoWriMo Word Meter

NaNoWriMo's page of official participant wordcount meters

ProgPress is a word meter plug-in for the WordPress (hasn't been updated in a while, so caveat emptor)

StoryToolz's word count meters page (must register to gain access but it's free)

Writeometer, which I think is an Android App

Writertopia's two wordcount meters

Writing Journal, which is a free iTunes time tracker & word meter

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  1. For my wordpress website, I use this plugin: It's updated as needed and gives some pretty neat options (candy striped, color change, etc.). It works awesome for me.

    For my free wordpress blog (my writing blog), however, I can't use plug ins so I have to create the progress meters in my posts using the links from their sites. My favorite one (because it has never failed to show up in mobile or regular devices) is the Writertopia one.


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