Monday, October 26, 2015

Instant TBR

I stopped by my local Dollar Tree store last Friday to pick up some mailing envelopes, and noticed they had a really nice selection of hard covers and paperbacks, too, so I invested in ten by authors I've never read:

The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley (yeah, I know, but I've never read her. Honestly.)

Telegraph Avenue by Michael Chabon

The Lingering Dead by J.N. Duncan

Absolution by Patrick Flanery

News from Heaven by Jennifer Haigh

The Aviary Gate by Katie Hickman

Gary Jennings' Aztec Revenge by Junius Podrug (An editor thought up this title. I'm sure of it. Also, a disclaimer: I did read Gary Jennings' first Aztec book before he went on to the next place.)

The Deadliest Sin by Caroline Richards

The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg

The Taint of Midas by Anne Zouroudi

Six hardcovers, two trades and two paperbacks for a grand total of ten bucks; I defy anyone to beat that price for brand-new books. It also helps my book budget to buy remainders when I want to try some new authors. I then I donate the books to our local Friends of the Library for their annual sale, so they'll be passed along for more folks to discover.

The Florida Land Boom of the 1920s by Gregg M. Turner, the third book I've gotten for free from Library Thing's Early Reviewers Program, also just arrived. I'm looking forward to diving into it this week. It did take about seven weeks for the publisher to send it to me, just FYI for anyone who is thinking about joining the program -- sometimes you do have to wait a bit for them to arrive.

Library Thing will also be kicking off their annual Santa Thing book exchange, which I'm thinking about doing again this year because it's always fun to discover what other book lovers think I should be reading. I might request e-books this time around, though, to get some new reads on the Nook and see if I can motivate myself to start using the e-reader more frequently than once or twice a year.

How are you getting cheap or free books these days? Let us know in comments.


  1. I like picking up remainders of authors I'd never heard before. Sometimes they're real winners.

    I regularly pick up paperbacks at garage sales. Sadly (for me) they're usually crime/suspense novels, but I pick those up for a friend who adores them.

  2. What a haul and at such a good price too. I pick up second hand paperbacks at charity shops and the library. Sometimes a store will have a good sale but not very often and certainly not at such cheap prices as you got. I also trawl Amazon's Kindle store to pick up the free books, especially if they are number 1 in a series. Gives me to chance to decide if it's worth getting book 2.

    eBay is not such a good source for books as it once was, mainly due to shipping costs, but you can occasionally pick up a job lot for a cracking price.

  3. I never buy remaindered or used books because the author never sees a penny.

    I’ve joined two sites that offer specialized book recommendations, etc., and lots of free ebooks.

    BOOKBUB.COM: As a reader, you have a clear range of genres, you can pick the format or bookstore you prefer, and the ensuing list can be viewed online or via a daily email.  The sale price is prominently displayed.  The writer or publisher lists the book which is then curated and may or may not appear. 

    THE FUSSY LIBRARIAN: At the site, there’s a book database that can find books according to genre with a wide variety within each genre, and your comfort choices about dirty language and violence.  The email choices have the same variations.  A listing of book sites include Kindle, Apple, Kobo, Nook, etc.  There’s no ability to separate out books in formats or book stores you don’t use.  A vast majority of the book listings I’ve received have been Kindle self-pubs and unavailable for my Nook so most emails go into the trash with a few glances.  All the books have obvious prices. 


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