Monday, July 20, 2015

Recycled Journal Week

This week I'm giving myself a creative challenge to make some journals out of stuff I have sitting around the house. First, the stuff:

Why make journals out of three used boxes, an unused/out of date calendar, and a mini-quilt I picked up at a show some years back? For fun, mainly, but also to recycle and repurpose these items into something I'll use (versus simply tossing them in the trash or donating them to a thrift store.) I'll post each project daily, along with pics and notes on what I did in the event any of you want to try the same.

When making journals out of recycled items the best place to start is with the item itself. Look at the dimensions, the material it's made from, and how it might lend itself to becoming a book. Virtually any flat surface can be converted into pages or covers for a journal, but don't limit yourself to cutting things apart and binding them back together. Consider painting them or dyeing them to alter and/or enhance their appearance. Binding can be as simple as stapling your signatures to your cover materials, or if you have thin pages and covers and a sewing machine, you might try stitching your book together. If you've never made a recycled journal and want to watch someone do it, check out these video tutorials at Jennibellie Studio blog.

Stay tuned for updates on my progress and more info on how to make your own recycled journals.

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