Sunday, July 26, 2015

Bakery Box Recycled Prompt Journal

My third project for Recycled Journal Week involved the smallest of my materials, this wee bakery box:

I really like journals that have cards instead of pages, and I just happened to have a stack of outdated but otherwise pristine business cards that I need to recycle that fit perfectly inside the wee box:

To recycle the business cards I decided to remake them into creative prompt cards using images, words, and other kicks my muse always needs. As with the brittle journal project I first unfolded the box to see what area I had to work with:

I really liked the cardboard handles, and decided to leave those alone. Across the body of the box I stitched a frayed holiday trim remnant stamped with the word Believe:

I then stitched and glued the box back together:

The prompt cards are going to take longer to make (I think I can fit about a hundred cards in the box), but I put together the first six by sewing some stamped fabric and a piece of paper towel to them to cover the print side of the cards:

One thing that's important to me when I work on a project using recycled materials is to use things I have on hand that versus buying new materials. I've wanted to do something with those old business cards for a long time, and this gave me the chance to give them a second life. Total project time (for the box and six cards): 1 hour.

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  1. I couldn't help thinking what cool bookmarks these would make.

    I've enjoyed these little tutorials.


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