Monday, July 13, 2015


Just as I'm settling in with the new computer, our modem decided to start acting up. We've replaced the problem component but if for any reason I'm not around to approve comments it's likely because I am temporarily out of internet access.

Despite these technical woes, a very rainy June, a pretty hot July and what I expect will be a stormy August, summer is still my favorite season. I think it dates back to summer vacation from school. For me it was like being released from a too-small cage lined with sharpened spikes, and I'm sure my teachers felt the same way when they saw the back of me running out on the last day of school.

Summer was the only time I could spend my days alone, too; something that didn't often happen in a house overcrowded by too many kids and relatives. During the summer months I could ride my bike, take the bus to the beach or go to the library all day. Literally, all day -- as long as I was home before dark I could do whatever I wanted. It wasn't that my mother didn't care; it was the way things were back then. Also, we were too afraid of our parents to get into any real trouble.

I was a good kid, and spent most of my time at the library because I could stay there and read or write whatever I wanted as long as I liked and no one cared. Also, the librarians loved me because I was a quiet kid. Even when the library was crowded I'd borrow a stack of books, tuck them in my bike basket and head to the park, where there was always a good shade tree to sit under and read the latest Nancy Drew, Cherry Ames or SF by A.M. Lightner, or pen my latest story in longhand.

I'll never be that kid again, but as an adult I still try to preserve some of the fun from my summer memories. I make an effort to visit book stores and the library a few times a week. I read out on the porch every day. I write for fun and for myself in a journal. And I spend time by myself in places that make me happy.

What do you do to recapture your childhood summers? Let us know in comments.


  1. I don't have many specific memories but I do remember being allowed out as long as the weather was good. We only really came home when we were hungry or hurt. Staying indoors was a punishment in those days.

    My favourite season is Autumn. I love the sun shining, but the breeze nice & cool. I love the gorgeous range of colours as they leaves float down from the trees. Conkers! Both seeing them fall from the trees and playing the game, are fond childhood memories. Yes, Autumn wins for me.

  2. My best summer memories from childhood were the summers that my best friend and I pretty much lived at the pool. Our parents bought us passes for the summer, they would drop us off in the morning on their way to work, and we'd spend the day swimming, splashing, and eating snacks from the BX across the street before they returned to pick us up after work.

    My own kids are in daycare now, but 3 days I week I make sure that we all go swimming for several hours. Summer just isn't summer without the pool!

  3. re: Also, we were too afraid of our parents to get into any real trouble.
    LOL! So true.

    Summer for me meant working full time, which I enjoyed, because it was better than babysitting younger siblings.

  4. Summer is and always has been my favorite season. I love the sunshine, warmth and being outside walking, reading and enjoying life. My summer memories are similar to yours. I biked to the library several days a week, borrowed books and then read them outside in the backyard. I went to the pool and met friends. We biked all over the neighborhood and never worried, had the freedom to visit friends, stay as long as we wanted and bike home later on. It was a simpler, easier and safer time but it was healthy and fun.

  5. Just being outside! I loved summer, wandering through the woods in the back yard, hunting frogs and newts, wading through the creek, just being out and not in the house which yes, was a punishment when I was a kid. I'd go outside in the morning and not come back until the bats had gone to bed at night. Now, I sit on my front porch every chance I get and just enjoy the summer breezes.

  6. The thing I have always loved about summer is how long the days are. Sunlight from early morning until late evening. I still enjoy that every summer.


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