Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Sub Op

Horrified Press has an open call for their upcoming Detectives of the Fantastic antho: "Send me your stories of those trying to use some kind of science, technology, magic powers, anything that allows them to solve mysteries surrounding supernatural occurrences. What is the final verdict? Truth? Hoax? Something in between—the claimant was experiencing something but it has an explanation? Or– often the scariest of all—the inconclusive result so common on ghost hunting shows. You decide. If there is ultimately an explanation, however, please provide suspense or scares along the way. This is a horror/fantasy/sc-fi anthology so please provide elements of these genres. As stated above regarding your desire to explain it away, even if your tone is largely comic or all in good fun, there still needs to be some sense of a supernatural threat springing the story forward. Old school Pulp Fiction might be a fun way to go also. Beyond that, let your collective imaginations run wild and bring me investigators from divergent time periods, settings (even ones of your own creation), male, female, no need for them to be human either – your mind is the limit." Length: 2-5K; also: "Flash fiction or a story shorter than 2000 is fine as long as it tells a story, and is not just a scene or vignette. If your story is over 6000 words, please send me a short synopsis first and explain why it needs to be longer. I will accept a few longer ones." Payment: "Exposure and Royalties". Reprints okay, electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: when filled.

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