Saturday, June 20, 2015

Just Write Stuff

I didn't notice that the one-year anniversary of my Thursday Just Write feature whizzed by at the end of May, but it came up in e-mail conversation with a reader who didn't know I was publishing new works on the blog.

So for the benefit of the not-so-regular visitors, in the year since I began writing and posting new stories on PBW, I've managed to publish three new works with my byline: Breath of Ice, In the Leaves, and Club Denizen. At present I'm working on Ghost Writer, which I expect will take me a couple of months to finish as it's definitely turning into a novel.

As a ghost writer I've been knocking out on average 71K in contracted work per month, which is pretty much equal to what I was doing for traditional publishers in my heyday. This month I'm about to wrap up an extended series for one client, and begin my ninth short series for another. As a result the time I have to write stories that aren't going to pay the bills is very limited.

I am aware that some readers don't want to read the .pdfs on the computer, or find them a hassle to download on their particular e-readers, and that it's frustrating to follow a story in progress when you're used to reading only finished works. I wish it could be different, but this is the best I can manage right now -- and since anyone on the planet can access my Just Write stories for free, I feel that's a fair trade-off for any inconvenience involved.

Thursday has become my favorite day of the week now because I can take a few hours to write whatever I want, and share it with you all. That's important to me, and lots of fun, and I hope you'll stop in when you get a chance and check out the latest story in progress.


  1. Yeah, I've always been confused too, when you say you're off to write something and post it by the end of the day. I could never figure out where you were posting it! I'm glad you gave links to the three stories, thanks so much!

  2. Happy Belated Anniversary!

    I don't care if you give me one word a day, Just Write is my favorite day here :) And I'll happily wait and then, when you've finished, I'll read the whole thing again start to finish. Just as long as you 'just write...'

  3. My favorite part of Just Write Thursdays? Getting to read the next installment of whatever you're writing on Friday mornings...!! ;D

  4. Just write Thursday makes my Friday a better day :-)

  5. The highlight of my week is finding the next installment of your story Thursday night when I get home from teaching my art classes. I miss going to the bookstore and jumping up and down with glee because I found a new book by you. I have read all of the Darkin and Kindred books and 2 Star Doc books. I bought the Star Docs in hardback, I want you to know. I'm not sure how many of those there are, but I read the first one and then accidentally read the last. That is not the right way to read a series. I'd like to read all of them but haven't gotten around to it yet. It was funny how I came to find the sci-fi. I notice the name and immediately thought "Hmmm, S. L. Viehl. Wonder if they're related or the same author under another pen name. I was glad to find out you are both authors. I love all your books. Please keep writing your own stories and I promise to keep reading them. I'll keep buying them too. I would love to see more of your steampunk stories (hint). When I win the procrastination war I will start writing at least once a week also. Probably not on Thursdays as I teach 2 classes then. I have a Nanowrimo novel that only got to 13,000 words. I believe it is worth finishing and you are inspiring me to get back to work both painting and writing. Thank you for all the joy your books have given me.

  6. I love your stories and I'm really enjoying Ghost Writer. I can't wait for the next instalment. Club Denizen was fab.

  7. You know, you have a friend who knows how to make ebooks. . . Just sayin'. . . I can convert them for you anytime.


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