Saturday, April 25, 2015

Timing, Everything

We had some friends over and ordered in Chinese, and this was the sunny little fortune that came out of my cookie:

After receiving this and a couple other unsolicited but really lovely positive messages lately, I've decided that the universe is cheerleading me. It happens every now and then, usually when I'm busy but feeling good and really in no need of pom poms.

Which means . . . hell if I know.

This is what I would like know: Where are the pom poms when I truly need them? Like 2014, remember that rollercoaster ride, universe? Or when I got shin splints last month, and realized it only when I was still on foot two miles from home? Or the morning when I e-mailed the client a correction and gave the wrong page number (that was so professional)? Or every single time I open a menu and see something delicious I want but I can't have on my diet? Speaking of the diet, where was your support on Prom dress shopping day, when we stopped at that nifty French macaron mall cafe and I nearly died a thousand deaths in front of the display case with all those lovely little rounds looking at me and whispering seductively Diet? We do not diet in France, cherie. We spit on your diet.

I appreciate the good thoughts and positive energy -- honestly, I do -- and I'm sure deep inside somewhere I can fly. Today, however, I need to move my butt, finish the edit on the client's next installment, update the ledger, finish the laundry, and make sure I get in at least three miles with the walking. Oh, and figure out what to feed these people for dinner that is low-fat, has no cholesterol or sugar, and doesn't resemble or taste like tree bark and twigs.

Maybe you could drop a hint in the next cookie?


  1. I feel you pain...

  2. Can't ever have too many pom pom shakes... ;D

  3. That little pocket inside the front right pocket of your jeans is especially for fortune cookie fortunes. I put all my good ones in there and pull them out later when I need them. (Altho I think I just revealed that I don't do laundry very often...)

  4. I think sometimes when I really need pompoms, I'm too deep in my own mess to notice them. :hugs:

    If you ever need someone to wave pompoms in your face so you can't help but notice them, let me know.


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