Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Minister Me

Which job should you have in the wizarding world of Harry Potter? Take this online quiz to find out.

My results:

Well, I like the hat, but I think I'll pass on the importance. Where will you be sending your magical resume? Let us know in comments.


  1. Not sure about mine: "You are Healer, at St Mungos Hospital for magical maladies! You make a huge difference in this world, with your intelligence and charm-reversal skills. You got that sprout out of dad's nose on Christmas day. You change the world, don't forget it, and while your scene may have been forgotten in the movies, it will never be forgotten for us readers." Hmm.

  2. Also got Minister of Magic. Although the idea of me being 'very organized' is laughable. O_o

  3. Erm, apparently I'm an auror.

    "You are an Auror! Like Harry Potter and Ronald Weasley, you have become an Auror. You are strong willed and independent, and are able to vanquish the Dark Lord and his followers. Like Harry and his friends, you have all the skills and courage to do this. Good luck."

    Okay then. If you say so. (Help!)

  4. Mine: "You are a Hogwarts Professor! You are intelligent and fair, and a firm favourite in Hogwarts. Your students love you, despite the occasional essay you set. You are balanced minded, and your skills are vital in the education of young wizards and witches."

  5. I am a Professor, too!


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