Monday, April 27, 2015

Doc Doc Goose

Can the internet guess how much formal education you have? Take this online quiz (without cheating!) and find out.

My results:

You can call me Dr. PBW if you want, but alas, not even close. I never enjoyed anything academic, regularly skipped school, spent much of my educational years in detention or the Dean's office, and usually pissed off nearly every teacher who ever had the bad luck to get me as a student.

How schooled are you? Let us know in comments.


  1. I took that one a while back it said PhD for me, too. Not bad for a gal who never completed college. ;o)

  2. It said I had a Master's degree. I do not. :)

  3. There's usually a link or a click "here" to take you to the quiz but I can't find it. Sorry!

    1. The link was broken because of a coding error, Fran. It should work now if you click on the words "Take this online quiz" in the post.

  4. Another PhD here. (That I don't have in real life.)

  5. Just call me Dr. Walker

  6. Hello, fellow PhDs!

    No, me neither, except in this quiz. ;)

  7. Professor Weaver here. Who woulda thunk it? :)

  8. This is me:

    Hello Master!! – You are incredibly smart and knowledgeable. You read and think actively, ask the big questions, and cultivate empathy for others. You set goals and make them happen, and always find a way to contribute. No wonder you've become a MASTER. Good Luck!!

    Because I realized after I clicked on two that I was wrong. It would have been nice had they given the answers though.

  9. I got a Phd too. I was a high school dropout but scored in the top 2% in my state on the GED test. All those thousands of books I've read do pay off. Thanks, I enjoyed the quiz.

  10. Another PhD who has yet to compete college, lol. Am tempted to have my (homeschooled) kids try it and see how far they get...

  11. Anonymous3:09 AM

    It gave me a PhD. I have 2 years of college. Whoo hoo for me!


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