Sunday, January 11, 2015

Pic Prompts

I'd like to challenge myself for Just Write Thursdays this year, so I decided to do a search for images based on some keywords I want to explore with fiction and see what came up. Since I had some extra credits left on my account at I went there, entered each keyword, and skimmed through the image results until I saw something that made me want to write a story about it. Here are the results:

Keyword: secret

This was the most unusual image that came up for my keyword, and while it's a bit sweet for me I really loved the lights hanging from the tree and the aura of enchantment in the scene.

Keyword: gothic

I don't know if I'd exactly call this lady gothic, but the unusual diamond shapes on her brow and strange colorations lit up the story lightbulb for me.

Keyword: crystal

I know why this pic grabbed my attention; I'm a sucker for paths with sudden turns. The photographer tagged it with crystal for the quality of the river water, which I also found intriguing -- that water doesn't look entirely natural to me . . .

Because I purchased the right to use these images I can print them out, reuse them for other things and even work them into cover art for my future Just Write stories if I want. It's always a good idea to support photographers and artists by paying for their work, even if you only use the images as inspiration.

Image credits: Ellerslie (secret); prometeus (gothic); Photocreo (crystal)


  1. A few years ago I randomly picked (closed eyes, clicking mouse) six photos from the multitudes on my photo program, then I wrote a flash fiction story on each one. It was really fun and a great way to prompt myself. Also gave me a different perspective on my own photography.

  2. Susanne5:16 PM

    The first picture reminds so much of our visit to Vienna last December. We went to several christmas markets and I remember the huge decorated tree in the middle of the market behind the Wiener Rathaus. I hope the link works..

  3. I love pathways like that. I have lots of them on my iPad jigsaw puzzle app and really enjoy doing them.


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