Thursday, January 08, 2015

Just Write

Today I'm kicking off Just Write Thursdays for 2015 by writing something new and posting it online before midnight. Everyone inclined to do the same is invited to join me.

For more details on Just Write Thursdays, click here to go to the original post.

My link: Had to help my kid out with her first day of the new college semester, but tonight I did manage a couple more pages done on Club Denizen, with new material beginning on page 14.

Image credit: windujedi


  1. ("Yikes" at the latest installment in your story, not because you helped your daughter with college stuff...)

  2. Lynn,
    You are officially killing me. I like this story line. I could see a whole series based on George working undercover across the country finding out all kinds of little, ugly secrets about people!


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