Thursday, April 10, 2014

Three Wishes

Spring arrived and brought time to dream
as the world woke up
and turned to green

To celebrate winter's finish
She's granting you three wishes

I wish for wonderful things to see and learn and do

I wish for peace for all of you

and I wish everyone has time to make their dreams come true.


  1. Lovely post and lovely pictures. Thank you for that.

  2. Great dandelion shots...and the wishes.

  3. Beautiful photos.

    I wish for sunshine, old friends and new ones and enough chocolate chips cookies to share with everyone.

  4. Lovely images, lovely thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Thank you for that lovely post. We had the most beautiful sunny spring day yesterday and your pictures reminded me - especially as its back to looking dull & rainy today. I wish health, wealth and happiness for everyone.

  6. Very nice! Thank you!

  7. Huh! That's exactly what my hair looks like when it gets humid out..


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