Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Eat Your Books

Library Thing has been holding their third annual Edible Books contest (which I didn't know ends at 6pm today or I would have posted about it sooner than this) and the gallery of entries is pretty neat. If I could have sweets I'd definitely want that Dune cake for my next birthday.

When my kid was in her last years of high school she always wanted to make her annual English Lit art project in cake. The class loved edible projects because at the end of class they got to eat them, so presenting one made you instantly popular. The kid also had me in her corner as an assistant (of all the cooking I do, I'm best at making cakes.) Unfortunately the teacher always assigned the unhappiest books for the annual project, which is how I ended up helping her to craft these two wonders:

Animal Farm

The Jabberwocky

I've never thought about turning one of my novels into a cake version, but it would be fun to try. A scene from one of my Toriana books might be cool; a steampunk alt-history cake would be a real challenge to pull off. But then I'd have to find people to take it away and eat it somewhere else -- I really miss cake a lot.

Have you ever turned a book into something edible? Let us know in comments.

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  1. Nothing edible but I am designing and making a jewelery collection based off my characters, with the help of my profs. Silver, garnets, leather, gemsetting....it should be quite delicious even if you can't eat them.

    That counts, right? I'm having a fun time with the challenge of capturing the character in a piece of jewelery.


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