Thursday, April 03, 2014

Quilting Picasso Update

Thanks to a couple of quiet nights I've been able to make significant progress on my Picasso project, which presently is in this stage:

The glaringly white ribbon flower is now a lovely tangerine hibiscus color, thanks to some careful application of not-too-wet watercolor paint:

I chose this particular shade to compliment Picasso's colors and to match the hedge that bloomed outside the back door of my childhood home. I think it's important to weave a little personal history into any creative project, even when it has special meaning only to you; that is what makes it uniquely your work.

The lady now has some pretty lace and bead cuffs for her dress, too:

I'm not sure if the cuffs are too fussy for the piece, but her sleeves looked a bit naked without them, and they pick up some of the colors of the midsection beading I did. I've also decided on the fabric I'm going to use for the other half of the project:

I believe I'm done with embellishing Picasso's lady, and now I'll move on to finishing up the piece (I do have to set it aside for at least a week while I take care of some work-related business stuff, too.) I'm still sticking to a mantra of keep it bold and simple, which so far has worked out very well. For all of you who are interested, when it's done if I'm happy with it I will be giving away the finished project here at the blog, so if I don't mess it up in the very near future (end of April, beginning of May or thereabouts) it could be yours.


  1. Now that would truly be a prize worth winning. I'm totally in love. I think you have hit every note just right and think the cuffs are fantastic. Thanks for taking us along on your crafting adventure, it has been grand!

    1. I'm glad you like the cuffs, Marie -- I'm still waffling over whether they were the right choice, and it's nice to hear another opinion.

      This has been a really fun project, and I was expecting it to be the complete opposite. I hope it inspires others to try something different. :)

  2. Fran K9:39 AM

    You know, when you started out on this project I wasn't all that keen on her but your embellishments have improved her enormously. Now be very happy to win her. Along with Maries I thank you taking us on this journey with you. Great job.

    1. I still have some issues with her hands, Fran -- I'm sure Picasso had some worthy reason to depict them as he did, but they're my least favorite elements of the composition. I have made peace with the colors, however, and I really like her face. Maybe because she's been staring back at me for weeks. :)

    2. Fran K3:46 AM

      I think her hands look like gloves and the cuffs just finish them off. I don't suppose that's what Picasso had in mind but that's how they look to me.

  3. I love what you've done! The cuffs are a great touch and the overall effect is stunning. I understand why he did the hands the way he did. They're the same half as the face. I've never professed to understand Picaso's art, but I do understand the relation of the hand color to the face color. I might not think it's the most...agreeable, but I understand.

    She'd have looked better with black gloves on though ;)


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