Friday, April 25, 2014

Stay the Night

I don't often fall in love with contemporary music videos, but for Zedd's Stay the Night I'll make an exception (the fact that it shares a title with one of my novels may factor in a little, too.) It is amazing, romantic, filled with energy and the perfect showcase for the gorgeous voice of Hayley Williams (so if you haven't guessed by now, it contains wonderful singing and dance music. Also includes some flashing lights, for those of you who don't like/can't watch them):

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  1. Speaking of your books. I've been catching up on the Darkyn books while I'm waiting for the next Disenchented book. Will you be continuing them after I think it's book 7? Will we get Nottingham's story? I donated the 2 books you sent me to our local libraries auction to benefit their children's program. They were very excited to get autographed books. Thank you very much for them.


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