Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Ten Neat Things I Found On My Latest Trip to Books-a-Million
(All prices shown are after application of my 10% BAM card discount)

#1 -- All of the remaining 2014 wall and desk calendars, like this lovely Secret Garden edition, were marked down to $3.00; I got it for $2.70.

#2 -- Lost Lake by Sarah Addison Allen is out! Hardcover, $23.39.

#3 -- Adorable bookmark and pen set featuring Grumpy Cat of Internet fame, $3.59.

#4 -- "Keep Calm and Type On" bookmark featuring an old typewriter, perfect for writer pals, $2.65.

#5 -- Joyful Abundance pad of cookbook page flags, which work equally well on other books and are the perfect size for carrying in my purse, $4.49

#6 -- Novelty Ninja Pen that makes the coolest sword sound when you press a button on the hilt, $4.49

#7 & #8 -- The Mind/Body/Spirit and Travel editions of Mini-Marks, sets of 6 themed magnetic mini bookmarks, $4.49 each.

#9 -- Don't Forget elephant-shaped sticky notepad, $4.49.

#10 -- Hmmm, this looks very familiar . . . $7.19.


  1. Fran K10:40 AM

    What an abundance of wonderful stuff! I particularly like the elephant sticky notes. I have to wait to buy Lost Lake (e-book format) until I get my next pay packet - so sad.

    1. Fran, I always pass my hardcovers along to someone else who wants to read them -- how about I send you my copy when I finish it? That will be tomorrow, btw. :)

    2. Fran K3:55 AM

      That would be beyond wonderful. Hardback books are very expensive in the UK so I always have to wait for the paperback edition to come out or buy the e-book. I much prefer the paperback but sometimes its another 6-10 months before its published and if you're waiting for a book it can be way too long, hence the e-book purchase. You devoured this one so fast I can only assume its up to her usual excellent standards.

  2. I'm with Fran. I like the elephant sticky notes. Grumpy cat is cute, too.

    1. The elephant sticky notes are mine -- too perfect for my absent-minded guy -- but Grumpy Cat is heading your way.


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