Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Split Seconds

One of my favorite art and video sites, Kuriositas, has an amazing collection of photos here taken of events that happened in a split second. If you have a chance to go visit it's definitely worth it (my favorite is the one with the pigeons, naturally.)

I also admire the quick skill of every shooter behind these pics; as an amateur photographer I know how hard it is to capture an exciting moment that only lasts for a blink or two. Only by pure dumb luck do I ever get a split-second shot, and oddly enough it always seems to happen for me at RenFaires:

My technique? I don't have one; I simply point, shoot and pray. My favorite of all my split second lucky shots is this one, with cropped enlargements following to show why:

(Link swiped from Gerard over at The Presurfer)


  1. That's an awesome shot, and you did it exactly the way I have: Shoot a lot and pray.

  2. There's no way to plan a perfect split second shot. I think that's why they're so very cool...like your amazing apple slicing moment.

  3. Awesome picture! Anybody else notice the big dent in the side of the helmet?

  4. Fran K3:55 AM

    Yep I noticed! I also wondered at the courage of the chap with the apple on his head .. no wonder he's praying. Amazing photos.


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