Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Library Thing Heads Up

The good folks over at Library Thing sent out this notice yesterday:

During a security review, we found that LibraryThing suffered a data breach in June 2011. While no book data or financial information was taken, lost or changed, the hackers did take email addresses and encrypted password hashes for some accounts created prior to that date.

People like me who were members at the time of the breach were advised to change our passwords, which I did (and if this affects you, you should receive an e-mail with the password reset link. If you haven't received it, you might check your account.) LT is also doing something quite classy in response to the breach:

The entire LibraryThing team and I deeply regret and apologize that this happened on our watch. Since 2011, we have significantly improved our security measures, which have been further tightened across the board since we discovered this breach. As a further apology, we are upgrading you and all LibraryThing members who joined prior to June 19th, 2011 to full lifetime accounts.

To read more details about the breach, see this post on the Library Thing blog.


  1. Hello, I'm sorry that this has nothing to do with your post but I was wondering if you will be having anymore books about the Darkyn or Lords of Darkyn? They are my all time favorite books and love to get lost in them! Also, what happened to Alexandra's brother John? I've been dying to know! I hope you don't mind my questions and thank you for your time. Yvette

    1. No problem, Yvette; we're pretty informal here, and thank you for the kind words. At the moment I am focusing on Disenchanted & Co., my new urban fantasy series, and I can't say if I'll be writing more Darkyn novels; that's really up to the publisher and readers. I do have a storyline continuation for John which I hope to someday publish, so you'll forgive me if I don't answer that question.:)

      There are several free e-books set in the Darkyn universe in the Freebies and Free Reads page over on the sidebar here at the blog. They're under the Fiction section and are titled Incarnatio, Midnight Blues, Near Dawn, Rain Lashed, as well as my short story trilogy Worthy, Willing and Wanted.

  2. Thank you for letting us know - I'm not there much these days, though I keep intending to be, there's just too much to do and not nearly enough time. Made me curious to see how long ago I became a member. I knew I was in on the ground floor, but I didn't realize just how much time had passed. Wow. Sep 15, 2005. Insane. Where did the time go?


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