Saturday, October 26, 2013

Win with Wattpad

I was checking out the NaNoWriMo sponsor offer page for this year and noticed this intriguing addition:

"Wattpad is a free writing and reading app that unlocks a global audience of more than 18 million readers. It is mobile and web-based, meaning that your writing is always with you, wherever and whenever you find inspiration and time to write. In honor of NaNoWriMo, Wattpad will be offering a $2,000 prize to one lucky NaNoWriMo winner who is also a Wattpad user. Check back on November 1st for contest details."


  1. I've seen mention of Wattpad before, but never gone to see what it was.

    What do you think of JukePop serials?

    Ran across a couple interesting things last night, though, that I haven't seen you mention, so thought I'd share:
    - Some potentially useful Nano tools here:
    - Stuff about something called the "Magic Spreadsheet". For word count/encouragement, I think. I followed the rabbit trail and found the current (I think) version, but I haven't managed to figure out *who* are the people behind it. Looks interesting.

  2. JukePop Serials looks like an interesting site, if the voting aspect is kept fair (online ballot box sites are otherwise prone to be stuffed by determined self-promoters.)

    Thanks also for posting the Nano links -- I'm hoping to hunt down more myself this week before the big kickoff. Regarding the Magic Spreadsheet, according to this link it may have been put together by a software dude (


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